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April Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its April meeting.

Forest Park Elementary School

Ava Brown is a fifth-grade student in Ms. Rucker’s classroom at Forest Park. She exemplifies all of the characteristics of a Forest Park Bear.  Ava has a reputation for doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. She is hard-working and tries her best on every task.   Ava is also kind toward everyone she meets and has a smile that lights up the room!

Kedrick Knox is a fifth-grade student in Ms. Hatcher’s classroom at Forest Park.  Kedrick is known for his big smile and positive attitude. Kedrick is fully engaged in student life at Forest Park. He is a member of our Safety Patrol team and our Student Council.  It is always amazing to watch Kedrick as he helps others around the building whether he is walking younger students to class or helping students in wheelchairs move into breakfast in the morning. 

Forest Park is pleased to recognize Elise Mooney, Elizabeth Hutchins, and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Cabarrus County for their service to our Forest Park community.  We are so grateful for our partnership which allows our students to build meaningful relationships with caring adults.  When we have a student in need of an adult mentor, Mrs. Mooney quickly finds a “Big” who will be able to meet the needs of the student.  This program has provided many of our students with the confidence to communicate more effectively.

Mr. Weaver is one of the most kind and caring individuals most of us will ever meet.  As a bus driver for Forest Park, Mr. Weaver keeps our children safe and always does it with a smile on his face. Mr. Weaver knows every student by name and greets them each day when they enter the bus.  He often refers to his bus riders, as “His kids,” and students certainly know that he cares about them! Forest Park is very fortunate to have Mr. Weaver as part of the Forest Park family.

Patrice Moore is a valued member of our Child Nutrition Team at Forest Park. Ms. Moore ensures that every child and adult at Forest Park knows they are special and cared for.  Ms. Moore greets students each morning as she provides breakfast and positive words for the day ahead! At lunch, she checks in with students, encourages them, and makes sure that all students and staff members have healthy food and gentle words to finish their day.  Ms. Moore is always willing to listen to staff members or students who need support.  She offers wisdom and kindness in response.

Tara Larish is a well-known and respected staff member at Forest Park! She is always willing to help out with any needs that arise and greets all students and staff with a smile. Ms. Larish works diligently to support staff members and students in any way that she can.  She pours into our third and fourth-grade students helping them gain new math and reading skills each day. Ms. Larish also supports instruction in our five third-grade classrooms. Students are always excited to see Ms. Larish when she is teaching their classes! Ms. Larish has focused on improving our staff culture this year by providing fun recognitions and surprises.  She connected with several local businesses that have been happy to provide small gifts for our staff members. 

Erin Gribble is a Kindergarten teacher in her second year of teaching at Forest Park.  She is known by students and staff as a gentle and kind teacher who is determined to provide her students with the very best instruction. Visitors to Mrs. Gribble's classroom would not know that she is a newer teacher because of her organization and her well-thought-out and implemented lesson plans. Mrs. Gribble welcomes students each morning with kind words and lots of encouragement! Throughout the day, she differentiates instruction for her students who have so many unique needs and ensures every student feels safe and loved.  

Amber Monroe is a teacher known for her excellence in the classroom and as a leader at Forest Park.  Mrs. Monroe ensures her students have engaging and impactful lessons every day. Her detailed planning, consistent expectations, and calm but warm demeanor create an excellent learning environment for students.  Mrs. Monroe is a grade-level lead and serves as a mentor to new teachers. Teachers frequently visit Mrs. Monroe’s classroom to observe her lessons and gain new strategies and ideas from her classroom. 

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Rosalind Smith, a 5th grade teacher at Shady Brook Elementary School.

Rosalind Smith is an extraordinary educator at Shady Brook Elementary, currently serving as a 5th Grade teacher.  The person nominating Ms. Smith described her as compassionate and dedicated.  They noted how well she reaches each of her students, and goes above and beyond for peers and students.  Her outstanding instruction, along with her consistent and valuable contributions have made her an important part of the Shady Brook community and the 5th Grade team.

We are grateful for you, Rosalind, and extremely proud that you are a part of our Kannapolis City Schools’ family.  We are also delighted to present you with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award for April. Congratulations!