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March Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its March meeting.

Fred L. Wilson Elementary School

Alexander is an amazing student! His teachers, past and present, share many positive things about his efforts and character. He is a student who participates and shows curiosity when learning new things.  He asks questions and shares his ideas when engaged in classroom lessons and activities.

Alexander shows kindness to others, lending a helping hand and treating his classmates with respect. He is the kind of student who leads by example, showing others how to display the FLW global competencies each month!   Alexander tries his best, and it shows.

KamariAnn’s strong character and positive mindset is truly worth acknowledging as she consistently exhibits a determined and diligent approach towards her schoolwork. She demonstrates a genuine eagerness to learn and improve, always seeking guidance from her teacher and actively participating in class activities and discussions.

KamariAnn’s positive attitude towards her schoolwork is truly commendable. She approaches every task with enthusiasm and a willingness to put in her best effort. Her classmates often notice her resilience and ability to remain optimistic even in challenging situations. Her ability to maintain a positive mindset serves as an inspiration to her peers, motivating them to persevere and strive for personal growth. She showcases FLW’s global competencies each month and encourages her classmates to do the same. She is willing to share ideas during instruction and asks great questions to get her classmates and teachers thinking. Her good character and positive attitude are valuable assets.

Additionally, KamariAnn displays self-discipline, willingness to cooperate and a friendly demeanor. She is also a great team player, with admirable leadership qualities. Her performance is not limited to the classroom as she actively participates in other activities, showcasing her versatility in other areas. She is very helpful and always willing; she contributes positively to the school environment.

Fred L. Wilson is so appreciative of Joanna Harbison and her dedication as a volunteer and supporter of the school. Joanna has done an incredible job of taking on leadership roles within the PTA organization. She has been very involved in planning fundraisers, takes time to attend school improvement team meetings, and helps provide duty-free lunch to teachers, as well as snacks on special holidays! She is a shining example of the kind of parent every school community wants! She shows enthusiasm for the success of our school, often thinking of new ways to support and help us. She is a true gem and we are grateful to have her supporting students and staff at Fred L. Wilson.

Ms. Gena is amazing! Her warm bright smile greets students on the bus in the morning and her kind farewell sends students home in the late afternoon. She loves the FLW foxes and is always smiling! Her bus is always on time, and she prides herself in getting the foxes where they should be safely and efficiently. Her riders love her and know she is going to take care of them.

After driving a bus, Fred L. Wilson is fortunate to have Ms. Gena’s presence in the building as she supports the kindergarten classes! She offers a calm demeanor, encouraging word, and mentorship to our students. She goes the extra mile when working with kindergarten students at Fred L., encouraging them to do their best work.

Mr. Greg Vesey greets every FLW student with a smile and a bowl of their favorite cereal! He stands outside the cafeteria each morning, inviting students in to eat breakfast and takes time to tell them a joke or play rock, paper, scissors. This sets their day off on a positive note! During lunch, he can be found talking with students, cleaning tables, sweeping up messes and sharing even more smiles.

Mr. Greg has created a cafeteria environment that makes kids feel comfortable and valued…not to mention that delicious & healthy school lunch they enjoy! He cares deeply for his cafeteria team and treats them with love and respect. He shows leadership by keeping an incredibly organized and clean kitchen, which resulted in an inspection score of 100% this year! He communicates cafeteria business timely and efficiently and makes sure that all field trips and special schedules are accounted for. His positivity and energy levels are contagious, inspiring all of us to share more smiles. FLW feels lucky to have such a caring and fun-loving cafeteria manager!

Ingrid Cruz is a third grade Spanish Dual Language teacher from La Ceiba, Honduras. In the short time that Ingrid has been at Fred L. Wilson, she has proven to be a great leader in our school. Ingrid's passion for teaching shines through in every lesson, captivating students' attention and fostering a love for learning. She is a master of her content, sharing ideas and resources with her team, even for subjects she does not teach. She consistently provides support, guidance, and encouragement to each student, ensuring everyone reaches their full potential. She knows each student as an individual, which is quite a feat considering she serves two cohorts of students each day!

Not only does she support her students, but also her colleagues. She mentors and supports one of our beginning teachers with so much compassion and care. She works closely with the new team members on her grade level to help them learn third grade content and effective classroom management strategies. Her commitment to collaboration is extraordinary!

Mrs. Cruz often shares about her own experiences of being an international teacher and encourages a love of Spanish in her dual language students. Ingrid can always be found smiling and often provides comic relief during staff meetings. Her positive outlook and solution-oriented mindset make her such an asset to our school. She is an advocate for our Dual Language and global programs and wants only the best for Fred L. Wilson. We are so fortunate to have Sra. Cruz in our Fox family!

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Caroline Sisk, a 2nd grade teacher at Fred L. Wilson Elementary School.

Caroline Sisk is an amazing and creative 2nd grade teacher at Fred L. Wilson Elementary School.  The parent who nominated Mrs. Sisk shared how she makes learning fun for her students.  She wrote about the way her daughter looks forward to going to school every day because she is excited to learn with Mrs. Sisk.  She also expressed how appreciative she is of Mrs. Sisk’s support of students even outside of the classroom, attending some of their afterschool activities to cheer them on.  After Mrs. Sisk came to cheer students on during a soccer game, the parent noted how excited they had been to see her at the field.

Caroline, we’re extremely proud that you are a part of our KCS family and are grateful for the ways you support and engage your students.  We’re also delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring your excellence with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for March. Congratulations!

2024 NCHSSA 4A State Champion ‐ Wrestling   

Trevor Freeman capped off an incredible career by winning 7-1 in his finals match! He finished the year with a perfect 48-0 and has become the 2nd wrestler in A.L. Brown High School history to win two state championships in wrestling. Trevor ends his high school wrestling career placing four times at state championships and as a two-time state champion, amassing 160 wins along the way!

Congratulations on your newest state title, Trevor! Thank you for your hard work and years of dedication to your sport and for representing the Wonders so well. We wish you well in your future endeavors!