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February Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its February meeting.

Kannapolis Middle School

Marcelo White is a 7th grade student at Kannapolis Middle School. This year he is aiming to excel with both academics and behavior. He is determined to set a positive tone for his peers and lead by example. Marcelo's commitment to both his behavior and academics is commendable, reflecting a strong sense of responsibility and a desire for excellence in all areas of his education. Marcelo’s teachers shared that, “Marcelo is the kid everyone loves. He is funny, smart, energetic, and stands up for what is right. Marcelo comes to school each day ready to learn and have fun. He knows how to work with his peers as well as hype them up, when needed. He cares deeply for his friends, is always ready to learn, and participates in every lesson. He has shown a great deal of growth in 7th grade and we are honored to teach him.” 

Jason Banks is an 8th grade student at Kannapolis Middle School. Jason is a great student and individual to all. He is a respectful young man, not only to his teachers and staff within the school, but also to his peers. He is genuine and helpful to others. One thing you should know about Jason is that he takes pride in school work and maintaining the expectations he has set for himself. He also will take the initiative of asking questions and furthering his learning on his motivation which is a great quality to possess. It is evident that Jason exudes exceptional character and is a model student at our school. There is no doubt that Jason will not continue to “Be a Wonder” as he transitions to AL Brown High School next year.

Kannapolis Middle School would like to recognize the volunteers for Club Vertical from the Refuge Church.  Club Vertical is a character and leadership building club that meets on Tuesdays during lunch or encore blocks.  They focus on building community, creating a space for students to feel welcome, and instilling valuable life lessons.  They bring doughnuts and play games each week as well.  Various individuals from the Refuge Church have been volunteering their time for more than five years to invest in our students.  Faith Conalley & Sam Stewart are the current coordinators for Club Vertical.  Ianya McIntosh helps to facilitate our 6th grade Club Vertical, along with volunteers from the Refuge Discipleship School. We are so thankful for the countless time and energy that our Club Vertical volunteers put into meeting with our students each week.

Charlotte Spry is an incredible asset to the KCS Transportation Department and Kannapolis Middle School. Charlotte has built strong relationships with students. If you are near her bus you will hear her greeting each child as they board and handing out "fist bumps'. Charlotte knows her students by name and they know she cares about them. Students respect Ms. Spry and the routines and procedures she puts in place to ensure her bus routes run smoothly each and every day. She maintains a calming presence in difficult situations and is always willing to work to problem solve issues when they arise on her bus. A colleague shared, “Charlotte is always a happy and upbeat ray of sunshine. She's a hard worker and is always willing to jump in and help at the drop of a hat with no questions asked. She absolutely loves the students that ride her bus. She's a mom of twin girls (Evelyn and Halli) who attend Jackson Park Elementary and her world absolutely revolves around them.

Eddie Hartzog, known by students and teachers as “Mr. Eddie”, is an environmental specialist at Kannapolis Middle School. Mr. Eddie is always willing to help with absolutely anything, and does it with a smile on his face.  He always makes sure to ask how you are and has kind words to say.  He is a genuine hard-worker who hardly takes a break to eat lunch and his work areas are spotless.  One of Mr. Eddie’s colleagues stated, “I wish there were more people like him, but KMS is lucky to have him. When he clocks out every day, he always peeks his head in my office and tells me to have a great rest of the day.” It is extremely evident that Mr. Eddie takes great pride in his work and prioritizes a clean and orderly environment for our students and staff. 

Kim Thompson is an exceptional CTE teacher at Kannapolis Middle School. Her passion for teaching shines through and she handles all challenges with grace and understanding. Her patience, guidance, and support have been invaluable in helping her students grow academically and as young adults. Kim originally taught business and later took on the role of teaching health science. Not only did she accept this change, but tackled it with persistence and perseverance. She consistently seeks ways of teaching content that is both engaging and relatable for students. She even invites community and industry partners into her classroom to show students real life applications while working in a health science field. One of Kim’s colleagues shared, “I have never come across a student that had Kim Thompson and had anything negative to say. Simply, the kids love her, even the toughest ones. Her kindness and selflessness extends to her colleagues, as well.” Everyone would collectively agree that Kim Thompson has a heart of gold and is truly an asset at Kannapolis Middle School and the world of CTE. 

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Denzal Gilmore, a History teacher at A.L. Brown High School.

Denzal Gilmore is a History Teacher, as well as an assistant football and track and field coach, at A. L. Brown.  He is respected by his peers, students, and families alike.  Mr. Gilmore was nominated for the Outstanding Teacher Award by both a student and a parent.  The parent noted what a phenomenal person Mr. Gilmore is, both in and out of the classroom, and what a difference he makes for students.  The student shared that Coach G is an amazing teacher and coach, saying “He is always looking out for me and all the other students.  He makes everything fun and enjoyable.”

In September, Mr. Gilmore was recognized by his school administration and fellow staff members at a Board of Education meeting for his efforts to welcome and build relationship with students, the example he sets for others, and the innovative experiences he brings to the classroom.  His infectious personality and commitment to positive interactions with others truly show his dedication to being a Wonder!

We’re extremely proud that Denzal is part of our KCS family.  We’re also delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring his excellence with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for February. Congratulations!