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December Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its December meeting.

North Kannapolis Elementary School

Ella Parker is a model student.  She has an inquisitive mind and is eager to learn new things.  She loves to ask questions and participate in class discussions.  She is also extremely kind and considerate of others. 

Ella is recognized as being a bright spot in everyone's day.  She is constantly searching for ways to help her classmates and teachers. Ella’s teachers shared “She works hard, and holds herself to high expectations. But, she also notices when her friends need help or need a friend in the moment. She has a light that shines so bright that she lights up everywhere she goes! Our teachers are thankful for the opportunity to have Ella in class, and to witness her love for others!”

Ella loves the Lord with all her heart, enjoys going to church, and singing with her family.  She totally has a servant's heart, and her love language is always acts of service. Ella has a passion for animals and being outdoors. Her favorite place to go is the beach or out in the woods to fish or watch nature. When Ella grows up, she has expressed a desire to be a doctor so she can help others. 

Jordan Flores is known by his peers and staff for demonstrating the character trait of perseverance. He has worked extremely hard and has shown perseverance to push through challenging topics both in and outside of the classroom. Jordan is a very hard worker. He is kind to his teachers and classmates. He has a wonderful sense of humor and he uses that to make anyone around him smile. He is very determined to make himself better and constantly looks for ways to improve.

Jordan’s teacher states, “I often see Jordan helping friends in need both in and out of the classroom. Whether it is Math morning work or out on the soccer field, Jordan helps wherever he can. Jordan has really come out of his shell this school year. At first, he was very quiet and to himself, but now he is outgoing, charismatic, and really funny. He is such a role model for his classmates. I can always count on him to do the right thing no matter the circumstances. I really love when Jordan tells me all about soccer, his practices, and Cristiano Renaldo.”

Mrs. White is an incredible asset to North Kannapolis Elementary School. She substitutes for us often and is always a kind, patient, and helpful presence in the building. Whether she is serving as a connect teacher, Instructional Assistant or grade-level teacher, she is always willing to jump in, help where needed and maximize every moment with students. 

Mrs. White’s experiences have trickled into classrooms where she can provide stability and calmness for students. Her intuition of what is needed and asked of students positively affects the education they are receiving. No matter who she is substituting for, those students receive the consistency and care that their teacher would give them.

Mr. Henderson is recognized by his colleagues at North Kannapolis as someone who is always willing to go wherever he's needed and do whatever is needed.  No matter what task he is asked to complete, he does it with a smile and works extra hard to make those personal connections with the students he's with.  He is an excellent role model to his students and takes time to build authentic and genuine relationships with them. Mr. Henderson wears many hats at North Kannapolis. He is always ready to accept any task given to him and completes it with efficiency. He is the backbone to this school community and his presence is always positive! 

This year, Mr. Henderson has been amazingly flexible. From running morning care, to pulling Tier 3 groups, to supporting Kindergarten full-time, he has done what is best for the school each and every day. When there was a need in kindergarten he was willing to jump right in. Overnight he was able to transition from supporting upper grades students with multiplication and social skills to helping 5-year-olds learn letters and how to manage school expectations.

Mrs. Mercer has gone above and beyond in the classroom. Whenever she faces adversity and challenges, she steps up to the plate. Despite being a first-year teacher, Mrs. Mercer is a seasoned veteran already. Daily, staff members watch as Mrs. Mercer goes above and beyond for her students. She is truly a champion for all students, and she makes a difference everywhere she goes. She deserves all the recognition and praise. her colleagues are incredibly honored to work with her. 

Mrs. Mercer has faced many challenges in her first year teaching, yet has continued to rise above every day to educate her students and still finds time to build in adorable projects like planting flowers out front! The extra hours and work she puts in before and after school do not go unnoticed. She puts her heart and soul into everything and her kids know they are loved! 

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Erin Duncan,a kindergarten teacher at Forest Park Elementary School.

Erin Duncan is an amazing kindergarten teacher at Forest Park Elementary School.  She was nominated as the Teacher of the Month by four different families!  They shared about her passion for her role, the nurturing and care evident in her interactions with others, her patience and kindness, and the love she shows each of her students.  All four families spoke to the enthusiasm and excitement their students have for school in part because of the love and support they have received from Mrs. Duncan.  While each family had a different story to tell, it was evident how much they all appreciated the start Mrs. Duncan has given their students.  One family even went to so far as to say, “I wish she could be my child’s teacher until she graduates!”

We’re extremely proud that Erin Duncan is part of our KCS family, and we’re delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring her with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for December. Thank you and congratulations, Erin!

2023 NCHSAA State Champions – Medium Varsity COED Game Day Routine

These athletes have worked diligently and put in countless hours over the past few months to perfect their craft as cheerleaders for A.L Brown High School. They strive to be the best that they can be and embody what it means to be a WONDER. These athletes take pride in their academics through their grades and classroom performance, and in the community through their character and contributions. Balancing regular season practice on top of competition cheer is very challenging and these individuals rose to the occasion and put in the work to become champions. This is A.L Brown's 6th consecutive state championship!  Their coaches, Allison Tucker and Sadie Culp, couldn't be any prouder of their successes and dedication to this team. Their final competition will be at Davie County High School on January 20th and we hope they bring home another State Championship Title with NCCCA! The team would like to thank the community for their support. GO WONDERS!