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November Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its November meeting.

Shady Brook Elementary School

Masen comes to school every day with a smile on his face.  Masen is eager to learn and grow. Masen works well with his peers and enjoys STEM class! Masen consistently blesses his peers daily with his positive attitude.  Masen loves school and lets everyone know it!  Masen has made tremendous growth during his 6 years at Shady Brook!  He is the epitome of a Shady Brook Bulldog! Masen will be missed next year, as he transitions to Kannapolis Middle School. 

Shady Brook is so thankful to have had Macarius for the last 6 years!  Many staff members have seen Macarius grow from a kindergartner to the successful 5th grader he is today.  

As his teacher Mrs. Smith shares, “I chose Macarius as the outstanding student because he shows great leadership skills.  He has a positive influence on all of his peers.  He is very charismatic and communicates effectively- there is never a dull moment with him.  He LOVES to talk and I have even mentioned, ‘Macarius, I bet you talk in your sleep!’  Overall I embrace his gift of speaking and encourage him to use it wisely by doing class presentations and being in the spotlight.”

Macarius enjoys learning, and he challenges himself to grow.  He even goes home to practice and study until he fully understands the concept.  Mrs. Smith adores his tenacity and how he advocates for himself.  His optimistic attitude is an attribute that will carry him a long way in life. 

Abigail models responsibility throughout the day without having to be reminded. She encourages others to follow the expectations as well as give them encouragement while doing her class work.  Abigail is a great friend to her classmates and is very reliable.  Abigail is always willing to help pass out items in the classroom, helps to keep the room tidy and can be trusted throughout the building.  Abigail is trustworthy and speaks up to encourage her peers to make good choices.

Ms. Pennington volunteers her time from the local 4-H organization.  Ms. Pennington is part of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program and has come to Shady Brook to empower our students to learn about Health and Wellness under the school’s brand of CTE.  Ms. Pennington comes weekly to teach lessons about nutrition and allows students to sample new foods.  The students thoroughly enjoy Ms. Danielle and are fully engaged in her lessons during Specials.  Shady Brook’s administration, staff and students are so grateful for Ms. Danielle and the rich instruction that she has provided.

Isaiah Thompson has been a wonderful substitute teacher at Shady Brook.  He is known by all as “Mr. T”.  He shows up, smiles, and manages the students so well.  Our students know him and enjoy having him in their classrooms.  The staff notices his great rapport and he is a natural educator.  The students feel loved and supported by Mr. T and it is obvious he enjoys working with students.  It was shared, “Mr. T is always willing and ready to motivate our Bulldogs!  He brings a breath of fresh air when he comes to Shady Brook.”

Mrs. Anderson has been nominated by her peers for being an outstanding Bus Driver as well as an Instructional Assistant.  Mrs. Anderson balances the two roles so well.  She has built wonderful relationships with her students and they love her on the bus as well as in the classroom.  Mrs. Anderson goes above and beyond to assist with bus concerns and support all drivers.  We are so appreciative when it comes to driving a bus.  Thank you Mrs. Anderson for keeping our students safe coming to school. 

Kisha Corson is one of best Instructional Assistants at Shady Brook!  She has gone above and beyond to support new staff members and ensure a smooth transition at the beginning of the school year.  Mrs. Corson is a wealth of knowledge and knows all aspects of the school.  She is truly a team player and has been so helpful with pulling small groups and giving interventions.  Mrs. Corson is loved by all students and staff!

Mrs. Dolby has been an exceptional Instructional Coach at Shady Brook.  She is gifted in her ability to guide teachers with best practices and strategies for the classroom.  Mrs. Dolby leads amazing professional development, and she is always willing to gather materials and organize teachers for best implementation.  Mrs. Dolby is often seen in classrooms modeling different techniques of instruction for teachers and following up on their understanding.  The staff sees Mrs. Dolby as a leader and an expert in all content areas.  We cannot thank Mrs. Dolby enough for all she does for students and staff at Shady Brook.   

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Chad Wilson, English Language Arts teacher at Kannapolis Middle School.

Chad Wilson is an outstanding 7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher at Kannapolis Middle School, and the former student who nominated him shared several reasons why.  This student said, “I had the pleasure of having Mr. Wilson as a teacher a few of years ago.  I am now in college and can truly say this teacher has made so much of an impact in my life.  He goes above and beyond to build a relationship with all of his students, lifting them up when they are struggling and pushing them to be the best they can be.  Mr. Wilson is the difference between a teacher and a GREAT teacher!”

We’re extremely proud that Chad Wilson is part of our KCS family, and we’re delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring him with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for November. Thank you and congratulations, Chad!