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October Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its October meeting.

G.W. Carver Elementary School

Layla is one of our second grade ‘Star Students’ at G.W. Carver.  She is such a kind and caring young lady with a huge heart and is always thinking about others before herself.  Layla works incredibly hard each and every day, putting forth 100% effort.  She loves to learn new things and expresses her creative side as often as she can. Her teacher, Mrs. McDaniel, shares “Layla is such a sweet girl who loves to learn. She enjoys helping others, giving out words of encouragement and is just a delight to be around! I am so proud of how hard she works in my classroom! Keep up the awesome work sweet girl!” Layla’s art teacher Mrs. Tucker also shares that “Layla loves helping her friends in need and looks out for everyone. She is a hardworking student, perseveres through any challenges she faces and always has a smile on her face!” 

Salem is a third grade student at G.W. Carver who is such a kind hearted and respectful young lady! She is a great friend to so many other students at Carver. Whether they are in her class or other classrooms, everyone enjoys her presence. Salem puts forth tremendous effort with her learning and continues to excel in all that she does. Always engaged in what’s being taught in her homeroom class as well as all of her Encore classes, she simply enjoys learning new things. Salem is a true role model and continually leads by example for those around her. Her teacher Mrs. Roberts shares, “I cannot think of a more deserving student for this honor. Since the first day of school, I have been impressed with Salem! She is an engaged learner, conscientious student, and a good friend to everyone she meets. She exemplifies what it means to be a Carver Eagle in everything she does!”

Pastor John and our partners at Kimball Lutheran Church have been a tremendous asset to G.W. Carver for many, many years. They have worked extremely hard to support our students and staff and for that we’re incredibly grateful. Besides John bleeding ‘Duke Blue’, he pours his heart into fully caring for the well-being of everyone he comes in contact with. He always wants to know how others are doing, whether it’s students or staff, and how he and Kimball can support the Carver community. John and team have arranged for youth group service projects to care for the garden areas and clothing closets at Carver. They have held supply drives at the church to provide for those in need, as well as an annual Secret Santa event during the holidays. During the summer months they take a group of our 4th and 5th grade students to the mountains to enjoy a summer camp experience like no other. Pastor John and our friends at Kimball are outstanding at loving on the staff of Carver. Throughout the school year they like to show appreciation by sprinkling the staff with acts of kindness such as a cocoa and cookie cart, lunch-ins and our annual Back to School breakfast at the church. John and his team at Kimball Lutheran Church have been a true blessing for the Carver community and we are so thankful and lucky to have them!

It is easy to see that Mr. Danny is the bus driver who loves his job and the students on his bus. He is extremely reliable, always present to drive which is so appreciated. There is never a time that Danny does not have a smile on his face. G.W. Carver principal Jason Irving had this to say about Danny:  "Mr. Danny does an outstanding job with the students on his bus! He has created so many positive relationships with his riders in such a short time, they absolutely respect him and it's easy to see how much he cares about the kids! I love to see his daily ‘fist bumps’ and him connecting with all of our Eagles! We're lucky to have a driver like Mr. Danny and appreciate all he does day in and day out!”

Mr. Tony is one of our ‘quiet heroes’ at G.W. Carver, working behind the scenes as part of our Environmental Specialist team.  Mr. Tony brings his contagious smile and laugh to GWC each and every day.  He is always excited to serve the students and staff. With often not knowing what his day will bring, he often will crack a joke or bring some always-welcomed humor to those he engages with to keep things light. Daily you will see Mr. Tony giving out ‘fist-bumps’ or ‘high-fives’ to the many students that know him by name. Tony makes it personal, making sure to check in not only with the students and staff but also his team. Tony is extremely reliable with all of his responsibilities and will go above and beyond to do whatever it takes to make GWC look great! He is one who takes pride in his work and it shows every day.  A colleague shares “Mr. Tony is outstanding; he always has his hands in something to better our school. He wants the very best for all of us at Carver and takes pride in his work!”

Coach Rhew has been a part of Team GWC for four years and has been able to make such a positive impact with both students and staff.  Without hesitation, Erin jumps into any opportunity there is to build a positive relationship; she loves to keep it personal!  By doing this, she brings out the very best in others and everyone she engages with wants to do more.  Coach Rhew is extremely gifted when it comes to her instructional practice and delivery of content during PE. She brings every lesson to the next level by adding her own special style and flare.  Students remain engaged across all grade levels day in and day out; our kids love going to PE!  Coach Rhew also puts forth tremendous effort to have the most EPIC field day for our students and staff each year. One teammate states, “Rhew is always looking to switch up her lessons and find the newest and most exciting games for her kiddos! She goes beyond the gym class sessions to form strong relationships with students to help build and grow them in all ways!”  We are lucky to have such a hardworking and devoted teacher who pours out her love and compassion for her job each and every day!


Charles Smith currently serves as a Teacher Assistant in the Independent Learning Center at A. L. Brown.  He is known and appreciated for his ability to make students laugh.  He loves to joke with them and they feel very special when they can joke back with him.  The laughs he brings out in students are infectious and truly from the heart.  He will also be remembered and greatly appreciated for the way he celebrated birthdays with students, encouraging the staff to enthusiastically join the birthday fun!

Charles, thank you for all you have done for students and staff, both at A. L. Brown High School and for KCS as a whole.  We hope you enjoy your retirement!

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Misty Goodman, STEM teacher at Jackson Park Elementary School. 

Misty Goodman is a wonderful example of the amazing teachers we have in Kannapolis City Schools. Ms. Goodman serves as the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or STEM) teacher at Jackson Park Elementary School.  The nominations received for Ms. Goodman spoke highly of her love and concern for her students, both inside and outside of her classroom.  They noted Ms. Goodman’s efforts and attention to creating captivating and engaging STEM lessons.  The parents also talked about her desire to spark her students’ interest in STEM in the world around them, as well as the difference she makes in their lives.

We’re extremely proud that Misty Goodman is part of our KCS family, and we’re delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring her with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for October. Congratulations, Misty!