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May Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its May meeting.

North Kannapolis Elementary School

Allison Guzman Torres – Allison Guzman Torres is a 2nd grader in Ms. Brana’s class. She is the daughter of Glenda Torres De Guzman and Oscar Guzman. She loves drawing, horses, and math! Her favorite part of the day at North Kannapolis is PE. When she grows up she currently would like to be a doctor. Ms. Brana stated that she has shown so much growth this year in all areas. She also shared that “Allison is respectful to all of her classmates and teachers by being kind and supportive. She shows responsibility by keeping track of her supplies and taking care of our classroom materials. Allison always has a positive outlook toward classwork and tries her best. She helps to keep herself and classmates safe by following school expectations.”  

Oliver Skipper – Oliver Skipper is a 5th-grade student in Ms. Leech’s class. He is the son of Danielle and Matthew Skipper and the older brother of Owen Skipper. In his free time, he loves to play baseball as well as spend time with his little brother Owen and his friends. His favorite part of the day at North Kannapolis is learning and being with his teachers. When he grows up he would like to own and operate a taco food truck. Ms. Leech stated that, “Oliver is the true definition of a great leader. He always looks out for others, works hard, and maintains a positive attitude throughout any situation. His ability to make good choices and represent North Kannapolis in a positive light does not go unnoticed. No one would be more deserving of this award.”

Joy Garman – Joy Garman is a volunteer and parent at North Kannapolis. Joy is married and has two children at North Kannapolis: Wesley in 3rd grade, and Valerie in Kindergarten.  Joy not only provides support herself but creates opportunities for others from her church to get involved on campus. Her contributions to student clubs, duty-free lunch, and the student uniform clothing closet are all valuable ways she supports students and ensures that they have what they need to thrive in school. She has been a wonderful contributor to our Robotics Club this year. The students are always so excited to see her there to support their hands-on learning. Joy also inspires positivity with her warm and friendly demeanor. It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their time and energy to supporting others, and Joy is making a real impact at North Kannapolis. Every school community deserves to have a world-class volunteer like Joy Garman. 

Alyssa Westfall – Alyssa Westfall has served in many capacities this year at North Kannapolis: substituting for K-5 classrooms, tutoring, and now serving as a long-term substitute in one of our 5th-grade classrooms. She is an incredible asset to our school community, and her positive attitude and willingness to help in any way possible make her an invaluable member of the North Kannapolis team. Being able to jump right into whatever needs to be done and support students with a variety of needs shows a level of flexibility and adaptability that is truly impressive. And by caring for the groups she works with and loving the students, Ally is creating a supportive and nurturing environment that can have a profound impact on student's well-being and academic success. Overall, Mrs. Westfall is making a significant contribution to our school community. Her commitment to the students and staff makes a real difference in the lives of those she works with. Thank you, Mrs. Ally, for always being willing to go above and beyond to support others.

Kim Simpson – Mrs. Simpson is such an integral part of the North Kannapolis Elementary School community. As the Cafeteria Manager, she plays a critical role in ensuring that students and staff have access to nutritious and delicious meals. Her professionalism and efficiency are valuable in keeping the school's nutrition department running smoothly. Mrs. Simpson is also committed to meeting state and division requirements. This commitment ensures that the food served at the school meets high standards of quality and safety. Her willingness to help with Project-Based Learning projects for students, staff events, and field trips highlights her dedication to the school's overall success. Her flexibility and positive demeanor make her an asset to the school community and a joy to work with. Mrs. Simpson is an exceptional Cafeteria Manager and a vital member of the North Kannapolis Elementary School community.

Maria Hall – Mrs. Hall is a tremendous asset to the North Kannapolis school community. She has a wealth of knowledge on how to support our Multilingual Learners and uses that knowledge to support all students as a valued and vocal member of our MTSS Leadership Team. She constantly offers up her resources to help support our standards and curriculum. Mrs. Hall has the biggest heart for our students! She is always offering support, willing to work with small groups of students, and shares important information and events going on in the community that are beneficial to our families.  Our Multilingual Learners have grown tremendously, and that is largely due to Mrs. Hall’s instruction and advocacy. She offers her colleagues help with obtaining supplies, books to support the curriculum, and items needed for Project-Based Learning activities. Mrs. Hall has worked tirelessly to support our ML students and their growth was highlighted in last year's EOG scores. She is the first to work behind the scenes in any event at NK and in the forefront to support our families in special events and training. The best seasoned Eagle on staff, Mrs. Hall is so deserving of this recognition.

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Meredith Wyrick, kindergarten teacher at North Kannapolis Elementary School.

Meredith Wyrick is a much loved kindergarten teacher at North Kannapolis Elementary.  Three families reached out to nominate her for this recognition and all of them had glowing things to share about her super powers as a teacher!  They spoke of her caring and compassionate nature and the amazing way she listens to and supports each student.  Each of these parents were so appreciative of the positive impact Mrs. Wyrick has had on their child’s start in school and preparation for first grade.

We’re extremely proud to have Meredith Wyrick as a part of our KCS family.  We’re also delighted, on behalf of Hilbish Ford, to present her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award for May.  Congratulations, Meredith!

2023 NCHSSA 4A State Champion ‐ Wrestling

As a star wrestler for A. L. Brown, Trevor had an incredible season, finishing with a 49-6 record. He has worked for more than ten years to reach this goal in his life. Through blood, sweat, frustration, and finally job, Trevor had an incredible state tournament, beating two returning state qualifiers and a defending state champion 9-1 in the finals.  

Trevor is one of the leaders on the wrestling team, not only because of his accomplishments, but also through his actions. The best part…he returns next season to defend his state title as a senior.  

Congratulations on your state title, Trevor! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your sport and for representing the Wonders so  well. We look forward to following you next season!  


SkillsUSA North Carolina held its annual State Leadership & Skills Conference April 18th-20th in Greensboro.

The SkillsUSA state conference is the largest showcase of Career and Technical Education in the state with over 2100 students competing in more than 120 skilled, technical, and leadership development competitive events.

We’d like to take a moment tonight to recognize these new state champions:

Liha Penaloza, a 10th grader at A. L. Brown High School, placed first in the Core Construction competition.  During the state competition, Liha competed against the clock and against other students to prove her expertise and preparation for employment in the field of residential and commercial carpentry, electrical, and masonry construction trades.  Congratulations, Liha, on being recognized for your excellence and professionalism in this area.

Additionally, multiple Robotics Teams from KMS competed in Greensboro at this year’s state competition, and took the top 5 spots in the Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue competition.  KMS Team B took top honors as state champs for their Explosive Ordnance Disposal mobile robot designed to secure an area by locating, neutralizing, moving, and disposing of explosive materials.  Congratulations to these students for their outstanding performance and teamwork!