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February Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its February meeting.

Forest Park Elementary School

Mason Peeler – Mason is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Hatcher’s classroom at Forest Park.  Mason radiates positive energy into his fifth-grade classroom and each class he visits throughout the day! Mason has such a heart for learning. He is very respectful and helpful with any task asked of him. Like most of us, Mason may get frustrated at times, but he never gives up! He pushes through and tries his best regardless of the assignment! Mason is a great example in class and a true leader. He always exemplifies outstanding BEAR character and models this for his peers!

Zipporah Carrington – Zipporah is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Bandy’s classroom at Forest Park.  Zipporah is known for her huge heart and positive attitude. Her teacher describes her as a “delightful student and a bright light in the classroom.”  Zipporah arrives at school with a smile on her face and comes ready to learn every day. She always keeps a positive attitude and demonstrates great determination, even during more complex class assignments. She shows compassion by being a great friend to classmates and cooperation by working well with her peers. Zipporah displays citizenship by helping others whenever she can, and always asks how she can help in the classroom and throughout the school.  She always puts her best foot forward and displays outstanding BEAR character every day! Zipporah has been recognized on the school bus for her exemplary leadership and character as well!

Junior Gents Leadership – Brian Duncan and Chris Hartness – Forest Park is pleased to recognize Pastor Brian Duncan and Pastor Chris Hartness from Fusion City Church for the mentoring program they are running at Forest Park.  “Junior Gents” mentoring club serves 8-10 fifth-grade boys each quarter. Students work with Pastor Duncan and Pastor Hartness for 30 minutes a week and focus their time on responsibility, leadership skills, etiquette and being a gentleman, conflict resolution, team building, and community service.  Forest Park and our community are benefitting from the time these gentlemen are giving our students. 

Nikki Bandy – Mrs. Bandy began this school year as a substitute in a fifth-grade class when a staff member suddenly needed to be out for the first week of school.  Forest Park staff quickly recognized Mrs. Bandy’s heart for students and her dedication to the school!  Mrs. Bandy subbed throughout the school through October and was so successful in working with children in all grades at all levels that in November she was asked to take over as a long-term substitute in a fifth-grade classroom. She did not hesitate to jump into planning meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and excellent instruction. In January, Forest Park decided to hire Mrs. Bandy as the full-time fifth-grade teacher in this classroom and she continues to strive to serve her students and work closely with her students’ families.

Antonio Nunez – Mr. Nunez is one of the most kind, caring, and hardworking individuals many of us will ever meet.  As the head custodian at Forest Park, Mr. Nunez has kept our building clean and safe even through times when we were not fully staffed in that department. Mr. Nunez also supports teachers, students, and parents of Forest Park.  Mr. Nunez is always willing to help with a phone call, or put his arm around a student and reassure them that things will be OK.  Forest Park is very fortunate to have Mr. Nunez as part of the Forest Park family.

Paula Robinson – Paula Robinson, an amazing staff member at Forest Park is known and loved by all! Mrs. Robinson begins each morning bright and early by serving as our before-school care teacher. She then welcomes the rest of the student body into the building as they arrive in cars or buses for the day with kind words and lots of encouragement! Throughout the day, Mrs. Robinson mentors teachers and supports instruction in all five third-grade classrooms and one fourth-grade classroom.  Mrs. Robinson is trusted by staff and students alike to always have a bright smile and a calm supportive manner.  She is consistently willing to jump in to help in any area of the school and always puts students first. Students are always pleasantly surprised to see Mrs. Robinson teaching music, PE, or their class when they arrive as she has been willing to do on many occasions!

Brianne White – Brianne White is an Exceptional Children’s teacher at Forest Park Elementary. Ms. White is a teacher who is all in every day for every child!  She is one of the first smiling faces that students see when they arrive at the school in the morning and, although her class is one of the last rooms at the end of the kindergarten hallway, every student in the school knows and loves Ms. Brianne White!  Brianne has been able to have a school, district, and statewide impact this year as she has worked to create aligned units of study for the extended content standards.  Brianne, as you remind your students every single day, we want to say to you, 

“You are Smart

You are Kind

You are Important

You are Loved!"

Bailee Henderson – Bailee Henderson is the English as a Second Language Teacher at Forest Park. Ms. Henderson previously served as a third grade teacher at Forest Park and has become an educational and cultural leader in her new role. Ms. Henderson powerfully impacts all students and staff at Forest Park with research-based strategies and relationship-building.  Ms. Henderson can often be found mentoring new teachers through co-teaching and modeling great teaching. Her students can’t wait to get to their scheduled class times with her! Administrators often hear the sounds of laughter and learning coming from her room!  Miss Henderson’s students exceeded growth expectations last school year and she continues to improve instruction at enrich the experiences of our ML students at Forest Park!

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Kennedy Phillips, fourth grade teacher from Fred L. Wilson Elementary School.

Kennedy Phillips is a passionate and enthusiastic 4th Grade Teacher at Fred L. Wilson Elementary School.  Her willingness to go above and beyond for her students has been noticed by many.  She is known for her dedication to her students and her excellence in all she does.  Kennedy works tirelessly to meet the needs of her students and, even though she is new to the grade level, she has worked hard to learn the content and deliver high quality instruction so that her students thrive.

We’re extremely proud to have Kennedy Phillips as a part of our KCS family.  We’re also delighted, on behalf of Hilbish Ford, to present her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award for February.  Congratulations, Kennedy!