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January Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its January meeting.

G.W. Carver Elementary School

Walker Mingo – Walker is one of our first grade ‘Superstars’ at G.W. Carver. This young man has such a huge heart, he is always caring for other students and is a great friend. Walker puts forth 100% effort each and every day and works incredibly hard with his learning. Walker loves to learn new things and is quick to participate, he also likes to share his creativity through the arts. Walker pays very close attention to detail while completing his schoolwork and will often ask if he can lend a helping hand to others. His teacher Mrs. Love shares, “Walker is such an amazing student! He is always SOARING in all areas of the school and is such a great role model setting a wonderful example for his classmates!”

Rhylann Langley – Rhylann is one of our fifth grade leaders at G.W. Carver who is such a kind hearted and respectful young lady! Rhylann also understands the importance of academic growth and success, she loves to learn new content and works extremely hard to excel with her studies. She is a great friend to so many other students at Carver, everyone enjoys her positive attitude and being around her. Her teacher Ms. Sauve states, “Rhylann exemplifies the character of a star student because she puts forth kindness in everything she does. She prioritizes leading by example for her fellow peers, offering to lend a hand if help is needed, and giving emotional support to any student around her who may need a friend!” Rhylann is always engaged in what’s being taught across all of her classes, she enjoys learning new things in her Encore classes as well. One of her Encore teachers shares, “Rhylann has relentless kindness and willingness to set a positive example to lead her classmates!”

Andrea Van Beek – Andrea and her co-workers from Nova Credit Union have been a tremendous asset to G. W. Carver for the past several years. They have worked extremely hard to support our students and staff, for that we’re incredibly thankful. Knowing the many demands and tireless work that goes into being an educator, Andrea wants our team to feel appreciated and loved. Throughout the school year Andrea and her colleagues will bring treats and gifts to share with our staff. There have been cocoa and cookie carts pushed through the halls as well as tables set up with this team staying for hours to pass out a delicious lunch to our entire staff. These kind gestures go such a long way to make the staff feel appreciated for the hard work. Andrea and Nova Credit Union have also supported G. W. Carver by dressing up the walls and halls with bright beautiful paint and artwork of pictures and quotes. School supplies have been donated and delivered whenever there's a need, they are always willing to support staff, students and the families of G. W. Carver.    Andrea and her team at Nova Credit Union have been a true blessing for the Carver community and we are so thankful and lucky to have them!

Taneya Partee – Taneyah has been a strong support for us at G. W. Carver for several years as an engaged parent, however, recently we have been able to convince her to come back to support as a substitute teacher. Taneyah does an outstanding job making sure the instructional day continues as a regular school day just as it would if the classroom teacher were present. She is a quick learner and will grasp the grade level content to then execute the delivery, she does an excellent job keeping lessons fun, lively, and engaging! Taneyah recently has accepted a long term position for a maternity leave and has been outstanding! She is one who is always asking what can be done to support students and staff with every available moment of her day! Taneyah continues to create and build positive relationships with students, families and staff members. Everyone at Carver feels fortunate to have Taneyah as a support on our team and hopes she will continue to be for many years to come!

Michelle Morgan – Having a strong support staff within a school is imperative as they help in so many different ways on any given day. Mrs. Michelle Morgan is an Instructional Assistant at G.W. Carver who daily goes above and beyond to provide whatever is needed to students and staff. A colleague shares “Mrs. Morgan is always asking what she can do for others and goes out of her way to make sure it gets done. She is kind, always smiling and is just a joy to be around.” As we began the 2022-2023 school year we had a big need as one of our teachers was out on maternity leave. Michelle without hesitation took the lead as teacher in this kindergarten classroom and was simply amazing! She worked alongside the kinder teachers to ensure the classroom was set to welcome back students and daily lessons were of high caliber. Michelle taught this class from day one until November and taught it just as a certified teacher would have! Michelle is also a lead in our Before School Care Program, will often step-up to support in the front office and will be seen in all places and spaces of Carver as she does it all! Another colleague states “Mrs. Morgan works tirelessly with students on their individual needs and praises them on their growth. Most of all, she LOVES people… kids, parents and co-workers!”  We couldn’t agree more and are so very lucky to have Mrs. Morgan leading here at Carver!

Alyssa Holt – Ms. Alyssa Holt is one of our newer team members at G.W. Carver who brings so much fun and excitement to our school and Encore team as our dance teacher. Alyssa has created an engaging and safe learning environment within her dance studio where students explore the art of dance on a weekly basis. Her lessons are well thought out to ensure students will have a desire to dance and move, she also sees that content is relevant and relatable to her learners. Alyssa has created the first ever GWC Dance Team this year who practice weekly after school. This team of 30 students showcase their talents at our grade level arts showcase events for parents and were also a part of the City of Kannapolis Christmas Parade this year. The fun and easy going attitude that Alyssa brings to G.W. Carver is infectious and helps create a positive working and learning environment for all. One of her colleagues states, “Ms. Holt is giving our students true dance lessons at the same time of inspiring their creativity. She is always upbeat and has a fun attitude, plus, she has to help young kids with their socks and shoes soooooo….” Alyssa has been a tremendous addition to the Carver staff, we love all the positivity and creativity she brings to our staff and students, we’re excited to see her continue to grow as a leader!

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Micah Kelly, eighth grade teacher from Kannapolis Middle School.

Micah Kelly is an amazing and versatile 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher and Cheer Coach at Kannapolis Middle School.  The student who nominated Mrs. Kelly said, “Coach Kelly is always giving extra and trying to make us better.  She makes us work for it, helps us succeed and is always so proud of us.  Students all love her, whether they have her for math or have her as a coach, like I do.  Coach K helps make us be Wonders!  She’s the best!”

We’re extremely proud that Micah Kelly grew up in and continues to be part of the KCS family, and we’re delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring her with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for January. Congratulations, Micah!


Frances Brown – Frances Brown is a wonderful Custodian at A. L. Brown High School. Ms. Frances has a strong heart and love for A. L. Brown.  She enjoyed seeing happy students on campus and greeted them every day with a smile.  Ms. Frances was a tremendous asset in getting the school ready for the start of a new school year, devoting time in the summer months run floor machines and make sure the building was prepped top to bottom for the return of students.

Frances, thank you for all you have done for students and staff, both at A. L. Brown and for KCS.  We hope you enjoy your retirement!

Kay Cress – Kay Cress has been an invaluable asset to the transportation department. She always arrived ready to work with a smile on her face. Kay always took time to really get to know her students. Anytime that she had a concern she would stop in my office to share what was going on. When I asked her colleagues to share a word that described Kay kind, friendly, fun and compassionate were some of the responses. Upon hearing of her retirement a parent called to make sure that I knew what an important role Ms. Kay had played in her child's life over the past several years. We are excited for Kay and her new adventure but she will definitely be missed.

Kay, thank you for your service to students in KCS and we wish you well!

Annie Parker – Dr. Annie Parker has dedicated over twenty years to KCS.  During this time, she has worn a number of hats, most recently as Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction.  In this role, Dr. Parker consistently provided district and school team members with support and guidance in service to our students. Under her leadership KCS transitioned as a district to standards-based report cards, launched the first KCS dual language immersion magnet program, and led our elementary instructional programs.  Most recently she helped our educators navigate multiple transitions caused by the pandemic.  With that persistent smile, Dr. Parker has helped so many grow in their capacity as educators and leaders.  Through her deep relationships with staff and her eagerness to jump in and provide support with a smile, Dr. Parker has made a tremendous impact on the lives of all of us and we are excited for her as she begins this new adventure.  Thank you, Dr. Parker!