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September Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its September meeting.

McKnight Child Development Center

Brayden Holsclaw – Brayden Holsclaw is the three-year-old son of Justin Holsclaw and Bri Lyons and he has a sister names Jaslynn.

Brayden is an extremely adventurous and curious little boy.  He loves playing outside and watching his dad play football for Charleston Southern University.  Brayden especially love riding his motorcycle his pawpaw built and watching his mommy race go-carts.  Brayden is excited about turning four so that he can race go-karts himself.

Brayden’s teacher, Ms. Aquirre commented that, “Brayden Holsclaw has won our hearts over in just a few days of getting to know him!  He walked in ready to conquer the world on his first day and has been such a great helper in class.  He enjoys playing Legos with his friends and creating artwork for his dad.  With his silly and outgoing personality, Brayden brightens our day as soon as he walks in.”

Kaylani Hardy – Kannapolis Head Start is pleased to have Kaylani Hardy as a four-year-old student this year.  When asked to describe Kaylani, her three-year-old teacher, Janis Durgin stated, “Kaylani is a very kind, thoughtful and helpful girl. She is known for always being encouraging around her friends and will help whenever needed.”  Kaylani brings with her the kind of spirit and kindness necessary for a future Wonder.  

Last year, she was noted to be a leader in the classroom, able to follow through with tasks and always willing to help others in need. She is quick to offer a kind word to a friend and has been known to share encouragement when she sees someone needing it.  Ms. Durgin says that Kaylani “is an all-around performer and loves to sing, dance and act. She was always the leader of the Friday dance party in her three-year-old preschool class. Her mother shared with me that at home she enjoys making up dance routines for her favorite songs and assigning parts to all of her family.”

Jarissa Mendez – Kannapolis Head Start is proud to recognize Jarissa Mendez, parent of four-year-old McKnight student, James..  Ms. Mendez, a KCS employee at Kannapolis Middle School, served as our Policy Council Chairperson last school year and continues to hold the seat.  She has been active in supporting our program through numerous volunteer opportunities and was a real asset in helping us prepare special treats for “Back to School” surprises for our returning staff this school year.

Ms. Mendez has a dynamic personality with a willingness to help others.  She always has a smile on her face and a “Yes!” to any request we may have.

Suri Campos – Suri Campos has been with Kannapolis City Schools for 2 years. She is in school at UNC-C working on her History degree. Suri is in a 3-year-old classroom with McKnight Mini Monarchs and loves her students with all her heart. Suri is a sweetest, most selfless person. She is reliable and always willing to help where she is needed. She known for having a smile on her face and strives to improve at her job. Suri is always looking for ways to learn and grow as an educator. She is amazing with her students and meets them on their level. Suri is a quick thinker and is very crafty. 

Suri resides in Kannapolis with her family. She is a “fur mama” to her doggies. She spoils and loves her two nieces with all her heart. We are so blessed to have Suri as a McKnight Monarch. 

Lindsay Schmeltzer – Lindsay Schmeltzer has been with Kannapolis City Schools for 6 years. She is one of the kindest, most patient, and most hard working teachers at McKnight. She currently teaches students with significant disabilities, is a member of the Child Find Team and Evaluation team, is a mentor, and friend to all. Lindsay has two daughters, Hannah is a freshman at N.C. State University, and her other daughter, Donna Grace is a junior at Salisbury High School. 

Lindsay lives with her family and two dogs in Salisbury. In her free time, she likes to make cute crafts, loves diet Dr. Pepper, loves summer time and being on the beach. Lindsay has so much love and patience for her students and she goes the extra mile advocating for her students. Lindsay has a big heart and pushes her students to do their very best.

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Jordan Correll, Theater Arts teacher from A.L. Brown High School.

Jordan Correll is an amazing and dedicated Theater Arts teacher at A. L. Brown High School.  While he joined KCS during the pandemic, he hit the ground running and has already made a big impact. According to the parent who nominated Mr. Correll, “He has accomplished amazing things in a very difficult time for theater, and education in general. Many have found theater to be a safe place in school.  Mr. Correll connects with a wide range of students, and his acceptance and desire to see students succeed is clear.

“Not only has Mr. Correll helped kids find success locally, he has guided them to success on both regional and state levels, as well!  He took on the challenge of leading students to produce and perform a musical as we were “coming out” of the pandemic, only to find himself quarantined for 2 of the 3 performances.  The truest testament to his leadership is that the show did in fact go on!  Mr. Correll has encouraged his students to be independent, successful, and competent in their various talents and that has prepared them to WOW the crowds attending student performances.”

Mr. Correll has also been a huge advocate for the Kannapolis Performing Arts Center facility itself.  Not only does he regularly serve as the technician on duty for special events and rentals, he has been meeting with key district members to discuss the use and needs of the KPAC in effort to have the space operating at its highest capacity for both our students and our community.

We feel privileged to have Jordan Correll on the KCS teaching staff and as a part of the Wonder Family.  We’re delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring his excellence with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher of the Month Award for September. Congratulations! 

KCS Retirees

Cindy Brown – Cindy Brown has worked for the Kannapolis City Schools School Nutrition Program for over 22 years.  Her position as the Financial Secretary required her to juggle many different tasks every day.  Whether it was managing the accounting aspect of the program, communicating with various vendors to ensure products and services were received, dealing with federal and state auditors, or supporting over 60 School Nutrition employees with daily challenges, Cindy ALWAYS found ways to solve some of the most difficult problems look seemingly easy.  

For many, the task of feeding the large majority of the district’s student population, two meals a day, appears on the surface, to be an easy undertaking. However, it is quite the opposite. There is a tremendous amount of planning and behind- the -scenes work being done to accomplish the goal of feeding students. There are a lot of moving parts to feeding over 5,000 students every day and much of the success of the School Nutrition program belongs solely to Cindy Brown. 

When I say Cindy’s shoes will be very difficult to fill, that is not an understatement. Her organizational skills and ability to multi-task were second to none.  Her previous knowledge of logistics and transportation coupled with her unique ability to problem solve was a perfect fit for Anne Treanor, her supervisor for most of Cindy’s employment with KCS.  Anne Treanor states, “Working with Cindy over the last 22 years have been some of the most rewarding years of my life.  She has been my “right hand” for my entire career with KCS, and her support to me will forever be remembered with the utmost respect and gratitude. Cindy’s impact on the program is difficult to summarize in just a few words but the best way to describe her impact on KCS is, long-lasting and never forgotten. There are not many people in this world you can rely on, but Cindy was one of those individuals, a one-of-a-kind. I am honored to have worked with you over these years but I am even more grateful for your friendship and grace you have extended to me and my family.” 

We are extremely proud of you for the work, dedication and level of commitment you have given to KCS over the years. We appreciate you and sincerely thank you for all that you have done for Kannapolis City Schools.  On behalf of Anne, the School Nutrition staff and the entire Board of Education, we wish you the best in your well-deserved retirement.  Congratulations, Cindy!

Tony Harris – Kannapolis City Schools has been fortunate to have Tony Harris serving as a custodian with us for more than eight years.  While initially serving at A. L. Brown High School, Tony has served his last few years at KCS with North Kannapolis Elementary.  

“Mr. Tony,” as he is known around campus, has been a friendly face for staff and students alike.  He inquires about other’s families and sincerely cares about each person.  Mr. Tony is courteous and genuine, and that has had a huge impact on the relationships he has built.  Staff and leadership at North Kannapolis will miss his storytelling, with great life experiences and valuable lessons tucked in each story shared.

Tony, thank you for all you have done for students and staff, both at North Kannapolis Elementary and for KCS as a whole.  We hope you enjoy your retirement!