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June Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its June meeting.

Young Author Recognitions


Zoe Berrezueta Martinez, KMS, 6th Grade (State Winner)

Ryan Wolford, KMS, 6th Grade

Lillian Frazier, KMS, 7th Grade

Noelle Anthony, KMS, 8th Grade (State Winner)


Jocelyn Ramirez Briceno, Jackson Park, 5th Grade

Analia Flores Melendez, Jackson Park, 5th Grade (State Winner)

Naudia Little, Jackson Park, 5th Grade (State Winner)

Roberto Ramirez, Fred L. Wilson, 4th Grade

Jowell Olivares, Fred L. Wilson, 2nd Grade

Samaya Lindsay, Fred L. Wilson, 4th Grade

Jazlyn Ibarra, Fred L. Wilson, 4th Grade

KCS Art and Writing Contest Winners

Art Contest Winners

Jeysen Nieves, Fred L. Wilson, 1st Grade

Yamileth Resendiz, Fred L. Wilson, 3rd Grade

Samaya Lindsay, Fred L. Wilson, 4th Grade

Jocelyn Simmons, Fred. L. Wilson, 4th Grade

The 4th Grade Classes of Mrs. Harrington and Mr. Santos at Fred L. Wilson

Kyndall Anthony, Forest Park, 5th Grade

Hannah Bogle, A. L. Brown, 10th Grade

Marty Lineberger, Fred L. Wilson, Staff

Writing Contest Winners

London Broadwater, Fred L. Wilson, 4th Grade

Journey Lovelace, Jackson Park, 4th Grade

Alexis Macaulay, G. W. Carver, 4th Grade

Carson Monteith, Jackson Park, 4th Grade

Eli Myers, Jackson Park, 4th Grade

Liam Crews, Fred L. Wilson, 5th Grade

Carson Lange, Forest Park, 5th Grade

Braylen Moore, Jackson Park, 5th Grade

Griffin Morneau, Jackson Park, 5th Grade

Nicole Andrews, KMS, 6th Grade

Luis Antao Martinez, KMS, 6th Grade

Devine Bland, KMS, 6th Grade

Shelby Brown, KMS, 6th Grade

Lara Michelle Castillo De La Cruz, KMS, 6th Grade

Kate Vazquez Damian, KMS, 6th Grade

Heavenlee Conyer, KMS, 7th Grade

Lillian Frazier, KMS, 7th Grade

Malchiah Lewis, KMS, 7th Grade

Fernanda Olvera-Olvera, KMS, 7th Grade

Melissa Ramirez, KMS, 7th Grade

Noelle Anthony, KMS, 8th Grade

Marissa Lopez Valverde, A. L. Brown, 9th Grade

Brian Rojo, A L. Brown, 9th Grade

Ana Gonzalez, A. L. Brown, 10th Grade

Valentin Soto, A. L. Brown, 10th Grade

Stahzea Burris, A. L. Brown, 11th Grade

Katie Purvis, A. L. Brown, 11th Grade

Dean Fink, Forest Park, Staff

Shannon Dapper, KMS, Staff

Garrett Cooperman, A. L. Brown, Staff

Sergio Ossorio, A. L. Brown, Staff

AIG Locally Certified Staff

Cheryl Arnold-Laven

Doug Byrnes

Jackie Clark

Courtney Crawford

Ryan Graham

Kelsey Helms

Mariah Jones Lee

Corinne McAuley

Jennifer Merry

Kendra Parker

Jeremy Thiel

Tammie Tourtellott

Chad Wilson

Kelly Youngo

2022 NCCTM Outstanding Elementary Mathematics Teacher Recognition

This year the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction will recognize an Outstanding Elementary Math Teacher from each district.  Our nominees were chosen by their school leadership and will be recognized today. In addition, we will recognize our district selected KCS Outstanding Mathematics Teacher who will also be recognized at NCCTM in the fall.  These teachers exemplify mathematics teaching excellence by nurturing students’ enthusiasm for mathematics through everyday classroom experiences and by motivating students to excel in mathematics.

Suzanne Haigler is a third grade teacher at Shady Brook Elementary. Suzanne is naturally gifted when it comes to 3rd grade instruction.  She stays current with the times, and thinks of creative ideas to make learning fun.  Suzanne provides rigorous, hands-on learning for her students.  She challenges her 3rd graders to think critically and allows them to explore answers.  She collaborates with her team members to ensure students are learning the content.  She has an immense amount of resources and tools to help students be successful.  Congratulations for being nominated as an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher!

Haley Flynn is a third grade teacher at Forest Park Elementary.  She uses real-world mathematical tasks to challenge her students to think critically and deepen their understanding of the content. Haley uses blended learning in her classroom to empower students to take ownership of their learning and to provide the scaffolding and support they need.  With the belief that real-time feedback is a crucial part of her students’ learning process, she uses various digital tools to help students monitor their progress and proficiency with new skills and to provide her with real time data in order to make immediate adjustments to her instruction.  This ensures that students are receiving what they need to be successful. Haley provides leadership during weekly PLCs as the grade level lead. She also contributed to the Math for Parents program at Forest Park by designing resources for parents to use to better understand how math is taught in each grade level and be able to help their students.  Congratulations for being nominated as an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher!

Charles Willimon is a fourth grade teacher and teacher-leader for mathematics at North Kannapolis Elementary.  Charles uses a blended learning model with technology as an integral part of his math instruction.  With this model, his students truly take ownership of their math learning and progress and there is time for him to address individuals’ needs.  His instruction includes rich problem-solving tasks and with a focus on STEM at North Kannapolis, he is now integrating 4th grade math concepts into Project Based Learning activities. He has designed and led professional development for upper elementary grades, and as a participant in the Tools4NCTeachers grant wrote and evaluated third grade tasks for this state resource.   Congratulations for being nominated as an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher!

Jamie Stegall is a dual language kindergarten teacher at Fred L Wilson Elementary.  She helps students to develop a love of math through songs, movement, acting out silly word problems and playing math games.  Each year begins with math growth mindset activities to help form a classroom community where mistakes are a beautiful part of the learning process.  Jamie utilizes math talks, direct instruction with movement and manipulatives, centers, Dreambox and small group instruction.  She works closely with her dual language counterpart to ensure that day to day instruction is coherent for students as they transition classrooms. Congratulations for being nominated as an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher!

Kristin Head is a fourth grade teacher at George Washington Carver Elementary.  Kristin incorporates whole group, small group, and partner work into her instruction with a focus on academic conversations.  She states, “I have discovered when students are able to hear someone else explain the problem solving steps and their reasoning behind it, their own mathematical reasoning increases…” She begins each lesson with a number talk which provides students opportunities to use the language of math as they reason, share, and discuss mental math strategies.  In order to encourage and support other teachers in her building to begin number talks, she was willing to be recorded so that other grade level teams could learn from her by watching her facilitation.  As an A+ magnet school teacher, art integration is also involved in her math instruction. Kristen collaborated with Carver’s art teacher this year to plan a math art project which resulted in an art piece incorporating color with fraction decimal equivalents.  Congratulations for being nominated as an Outstanding Mathematics Teacher!

This year our 2022 KCS Outstanding Elementary Mathematics Teacher is Alexandra Medley!

Alexandra Medley is a fourth grade teacher at Jackson Park Elementary.  She wants her students to love math and her goal every year is for her students to really truly understand the math concepts they are learning so they can transfer their knowledge to any question on any assessment. Each year Alexandra builds a classroom community where it is ok to struggle and where mistakes are proof that you are trying.  With a strong focus on providing quality, effective, and rigorous instruction, Alexandra uses data to inform both her whole group and flexible small group instruction. Knowing her students and providing scaffolding during lessons, allows her students to feel successful after each lesson.  Incorporating spiral review is another vital component to her instruction which provides students with the opportunity to continually use their knowledge from previous standards throughout the year.  Alexandra is willing to share her expertise as a Cooperating Educator for UNCC student teachers, as a presenter at NCCTM, at the KCS Technology Luau or by reviewing end of grade math items.  She continues to learn and works to improve her teaching through professional development, collaboration, math podcasts, and blogs.  Congratulations, Alexandra! We are proud to recognize you as our 2022 KCS Outstanding Mathematics Teacher of the Year!

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Caroline Fongemy, 5th grade teacher at Jackson Park Elementary School.

Caroline Fongemy is an extraordinary 5th Grade Teacher at Jackson Park Elementary and, according to the parent who nominated her, Mrs. Fongemy is in a class all her own.  This parent went on to share, “She is thoughtful, proactive, compassionate, and extremely hard working.  She always goes above and beyond expectations.  Mrs. Fongemy takes her position of preparing her students for middle school very seriously and helps them grow into confident young ladies and men.” 

Mrs. Fongemy’s Jackson Park family know that to be true.  They recognize her as a superior educational leader in their school, district, and State, and they have all benefited from her natural, informal leadership as she gently guides fellow teachers and staff members in their growth and development.

We are grateful for you, Caroline, and extremely proud that you are a part of our Kannapolis City Schools’ family.  We are also delighted to present you with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award. Congratulations! 

KCS Retirees

Karleen Bainbridge – Karleen has taught at Shady Brook for most of her career.  She has been a beacon of strength and knowledge in the teaching profession.  Her patience and dedication are like no other and her colleagues look up to her for her advice, tools and ideas.  We wish her much joy and happiness as she begins this new chapter.

Sylvia Barnes – Sylvia Barnes is the Mama Bear of the KMS custodial crew.  She is a rock and is always there for each and every person.  And she makes sure those kids are “messing with her bathrooms!”  Sylvia has been a positive and supportive part of the KMS family and we cannot thank her enough for her hard work and dedication.

Lynn Dwyer – Ms. Dwyer is truly passionate about Health Science and that comes through in her teaching.  She instructs in a way that captures your attention by making the information interesting and applicable.  Ms. Dwyer always has hands-on opportunities in her classroom and, if you stop in to visit, you can’t leave until you participate as well.  She will be missed in the hallways of A. L. Brown and we wish her the best in her retirement.

Dean Fink – As a Forest Park Bear, Mr. Fink makes decisions and creates experiences with students at the center.  He is known to be extremely hardworking and dedicated to kids.  He is a “Bark in the Park” basketball star and a favorite player for students for many years.  Mr. Fink is a one of a kind teacher, truly a Forest Park legend, and will be greatly missed.

Teresa Gaylor – Teresa Gaylor has been a positive presence in KCS for more than 15 years, serving both as a bus monitor and a driver.  Teresa is loving and caring, and she is responsive to the needs of her students and parents.  She can often be seen speaking with parents at bus stops and touching base with school staff.  Her goal each day is to take good care of her students.  Many will miss her ready smile and warm hugs as she sets off on this new adventure.

Stephanie Jordan – Mrs. Jordan has been such a calming and positive presence when working with students and fellow North Kannapolis staff members.  She is an amazing educator and engagement is always at a high level in her classroom. The footprint she has made as an educator is incredibly large, and the students at North Kannapolis have been lucky to have someone as caring, loving, and gifted as Mrs. Jordan.  We hope she enjoys many amazing years in her retirement.

Angela Mullinax – Angela Mullinax was the first teacher to launch dual language in first grade at Fred L. Wilson.  During her years in education, she has experienced a lot of change first hand; however, one thing has always remained constant, her dedication to students and public education.  Her strong rapport with students, parents, and our Kannapolis community is unmeasurable.  Happy retirement!

Dwight “Jack” Parker – While there may be some that feel that, as a Duke fan, Mr. Jack cheers for the wrong team and has indoctrinated his children with this flawed way of thinking, it has led to some friendly and spirited exchanges over the years!!  As a bus driver for KCS for nearly 10 years, Mr. Jack will be missed for his smile and his willingness to tackle any task.  Enjoy your retirement!

Fran Patterson – Fran Patterson is a legacy in the Kannapolis community.  She has forever been known as a dynamic kindergarten teacher in KCS and will always be credited for taking on the challenge of launching the very first Dual Language Program at Fred L Wilson and in KCS.  She’s tried to retire twice and we just could not let her.  We’re thankful she answered the call to stay as long as she has and we wish her well as she finally gets to enjoy a well-deserved retirement!

Ray Veazie – Mr. Veazie does not miss work!  You can depend on him to be there every day, with a smile on his face, enjoying his kids.  Anytime you ask for help, he is there.  His positivity towards his job, the students, and the staff at KMS is contagious.  For those reasons, and so many more, Mr. Veazie and his ever-present smile will be missed.  Best wishes for a happy retirement!

Leticia Wells – Ms. Wells has served nearly 14 with Kannapolis City Schools and during that time has served in several schools.  Most recently she has been a Teacher Assistant at Shady Brook and a substitute bus driver.  We appreciate her willingness to assist, even when called on at the last minute and for her positive attitude with students and staff.  We hope she enjoys her retirement!