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November Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its November meeting. 

Fred L. Wilson Elementary School

Easton Shepard:  Easton Shepard is a third grade student at Fred L Wilson in the Dual Language program with Mrs. Brooks and Señora Rivera. Easton is the epitome of a model student. Easton is the son of proud parents, Joshua and Felicia Shepard. He embodies what we should all strive to be: kind and humble. He certainly leads by example.

One of Easton’s classroom teachers, Mrs. Stephanie Brooks, shared “Easton Shephard is a role model for our classroom and school with following expectations, working hard and striving to be his best self each and every day. Easton is friends with every student he encounters. He is respectful, kind and always smiling (even behind the mask)! Easton perseveres through challenging tasks with determination and grit. He is always on task and willing to help others in the classroom. We are lucky to spend each day with him!”

Jocelyn Simmons: Jocelyn is an outstanding fourth grade student at Fred L. Wilson in our Dual Language program with Mrs. Harrington and Señor Santos. She is the daughter of proud parents, Cordera and Naile Simmons.  

One of Jocelyn’s teachers, Mrs. Harrington stated, “Jocelyn is a student unlike any other. She is hardworking, kind and a role model to others. Jocelyn is always the first to help and the last to complain. Jocelyn is extremely intelligent. In the classroom she applies herself in every subject and shows true passion for learning. She is even part of a “task force” helping out our custodians, never for a reward but always from her heart. She is a person of great character and exemplifies what it means to be a FLW student!”

Sara Royer: Sara Royer has been an outstanding parent volunteer at Fred L. Wilson for five years. Her son Mason has attended Fred L Wilson since first grade and is now in Mrs. Chapin’s 5th grade classroom. 

Sara exemplifies what it means to have a servant's heart. She is kind, humble and selfless. She is always thinking of others and ways that she can support students, classroom teachers and the Kannapolis community. Over the years Sara has supported students academically in the classroom, and has donated items for classroom teachers and students in need. Sara currently serves as a parent representative on the Fred L Wilson School Improvement Team and the district Parent Advisory Council. Fred L Wilson will greatly miss Sara and her family next year when their son Mason transitions to middle school; however they know she will continue to be an advocate for public education and Kannapolis City Schools.

Dawn Mullis: Dawn Mullis has been an outstanding substitute at Fred L. Wilson and in Kannapolis City Schools since 2019. Dawn is also the proud mother of Cooper, a fourth grade dual language student at Fred L Wilson and Henry, a sixth grade student at Kannapolis Middle School. 

Dawn is one of the most committed substitute teachers Fred L Wilson has worked with. It is a rare occasion that Dawn does not come in when she is needed to cover a classroom. It does not matter where coverage is needed she is always willing to help out. She has even moved personal appointments around to support classrooms in need. One of her many strengths is her attention to detail and organization. She is kind, patient, dedicated and reliable which are only a few of her greatest qualities.

Bus Drivers/Instructional Assistants (Jamie Banks,  Audrey Granderson, Anita Massey, and Amy McElliogott) 

There is no group of people that works harder than this special group of ladies.  Their warm bright smiles greet students on buses in the morning and their kind farewells send students home in the late afternoon. Collectively, what is most special about this group of ladies is their dedication to excellence far exceeds all others.  In addition to their daily responsibilities of planning for and supporting the needs of a wide range of learners, they also have dedicated early and late work hours to drive a bus transporting 3 different loads of students to and from school each day. Additionally, they have been exceptionally responsive in driving additional routes beyond their daily dedicated routes.   With regard to supporting the academic needs of students, they are challenged each day to work with multiple groups of students with a range of varying needs across multiple grade levels.  Their endearing patience is commendable.

Ms. Jamie Banks, thank you for dedication to make it to work even after you hit a buck and severely damaged your car.  We are glad that you were safe.  And we hope that you were able to remove the buck fur from your grill.

Mrs. Audrey Granderson, first thank you for letting us recruit you from CMS.  You are a gem!   Thank you for your dedication and perseverance in obtaining your CDL driving credentials so that you can join this elite group of Kannapolis City Schools TA/BDs.

Mrs. Anita Massey, thank you for your willingness and dedication to drive additional a.m. routes, supervise students in Before School Care, and drive a daily dedicated bus route each day. We owe you another pair of running shoes. 

Mrs. Amy McElligott, there is no sweeter person on this side of the Mississippi River.  Thank you for your dedication to driving your daily dedicated bus route and additional p.m. routes.  We are grateful that you turn the front seat of your bus into a bed for your young daughter each morning; the bed bus.

Brooke St. Clair:  Brooke St. Clair is a 3rd grade teacher at Fred L Wilson from High Point, North Carolina. Brooke began working at Fred L Wilson in 2019; however, she has been in Kannapolis City Schools since 2016 when she began student teaching. She is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte and is currently completing her Masters of School Administration. Not only is Brooke an amazing classroom teacher but she is a leader among her team and school. She is serving as the administrative intern at Fred L Wilson and the School Improvement Team Chair on top of many other leadership responsibilities and classroom duties.

Ms. St. Claire’s teammate, Stephanie Brooks, says “Brooke is an exceptional educator and leader. As a new teacher amid a pandemic there are lots of questions that arise. The door that connects our classrooms is frequently open for big and small questions- she NEVER has anything but a smile on her face and has answers to any question I ask. She is helpful, hardworking, dedicated and a role model for our profession!

McKenzie Wolford:   As a KCS Social Worker, McKenzie Wolford serves students and families at Fred L. Wilson, Shady Brook, and G. W. Carver Elementary Schools, but her impact for KCS goes far beyond that.

The administration at Fred L. Wilson shared two of many examples of McKenzie’s willingness to go the extra mile for our students and how that spills over into our community.  McKenzie was made aware of a student with a severe vision impairment and of the family’s limited resources.  Using her amazing relationship-building skills, she helped the parent establish a relationship with a local eye doctor and get a prescription, new glasses, and a case for free.  Additionally, a Fred L. Wilson parent reached out to donate a mattress and bedframe and, after her regular school day ended, McKenzie arranged for these items to be dropped off with a family in need, absolutely thrilling the children in that home and the family making the donation.

McKenzie is a true team player and always keeps students at the heart of her work.  She is an invaluable link between school and home, and she works tirelessly to ensure that students and their families are connected to needed resources.  Serving multiple schools can be challenging, but she has made herself an integral part of the support team within all of them.  McKenzie approaches all situations with care and compassion, which helps foster excellent rapport with students and staff.  She is a source of hope for many families who are facing challenging situations.

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Emily Daubenmire from North Kannapolis Elementary.

Emily Daubenmire is an amazing Kindergarten Teacher at North Kannapolis Elementary. She is also one of the rare teachers who has received multiple nominations from parents to be the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month. 

Ms. Daubenmire is in her first year of teaching and, according to one parent, she is doing a FABULOUS job!   Another commented that Ms. Daubenmire is meant to be a teacher!  And another shared that her daughter tells her how loving and nice Ms. Daubenmire is to her and her classmates!  They expressed their appreciation for the way she keeps parents updated through Class Dojo daily, and consistently make students feel cared for and welcome.

North Kannapolis Principal Dr. Pelusi shared, “Ms. Daubenmire has a true passion for teaching.  She has done an excellent job this year navigating her first year of teaching in kindergarten.  Her classroom is energetic, inviting, and overflowing with positivity.  She is eager to learn and try new things in her classroom to improve her craft.”

We’re extremely proud that Emily Daubenmire is part of our KCS family.  We’re also delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring her excellence with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher Award for November. Congratulations!