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October Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from around the district at its October meeting. 

G.W. Carver Elementary School

Ariel Herrera is one of our second grade ‘Superstars’ at G.W. Carver. He is such a kind and caring student who is always thinking about others. Ariel works incredibly hard each and every day, putting forth 110%, and he loves to learn new things and express his creativity. Ariel pays very close attention to detail while completing his schoolwork and will often ask if he can lend a helping hand to others. His teacher Mrs. Overcash shares “Ariel can make friends with anyone he meets and is a great leader in the classroom; the other students look up to him for who he is!” Ariel’s teacher from first grade also shares that “Ariel always makes great choices. He is hardworking and kind to everyone; you could always count on Ariel to be a star leader!”

Shakeem Daniels is a fourth grade student at G.W. Carver who is such a kind hearted and respectful young man! He is a great friend to so many other students at Carver, everyone enjoys being around him. Shakeem puts forth tremendous effort with his school work and continues to excel with his learning. He is always engaged in what’s being taught and enjoys learning new things. Shakeem continually leads by example for those around him and is a true role model. His teacher Mrs. Walker said, “Shakeem is a leader in the classroom who is always respectful to adults and his peers!”

Gene Correll and our partners at Journey Church have been a tremendous asset to G.W. Carver for many many years; they have worked extremely hard to support our students and staff and for that we’re incredibly thankful. Gene makes a weekly visit to Carver, and with these visits come his friendly, caring character and bright smile! He always wants to know how others are doing, whether it’s the students or staff, and how he and Journey Church can support Carver. During his weekly visits to Carver, he delivers 45 backpacks of food for students and families in need. Gene has also been the lead with other needs in past years. In one particular example, this past winter we were in dire need of hats and gloves for our students during the winter months and the very next day Gene stepped through our front door with two large bags full of hats and gloves that went right to the kids in need. Gene and his team at Journey Church have been a true blessing for the Carver community and we are so thankful and lucky to have them!

Brenda Carter has been a strong support for us here at G.W. Carver serving as a substitute teacher this year and we’re so lucky to have her. Brenda does an outstanding job making sure the instructional day continues as a regular school day just as it would if the regular classroom teacher were present. She is knowledgeable with elementary-level content and execution of delivery, and does an excellent job keeping lessons fun, lively, and engaging! Brenda continues to create and build positive relationships with students, families and staff members. Everyone at Carver feels fortunate to have her support, and they hope she will continue to be a ‘Star Substitute” for many years to come!

Cynthia Roberts: Just last week a colleague shared the following, ‘The quiet hero of the school, always the first to arrive each day, cleans up messes no one dares to touch and befriends everyone that passes by. #TRUEschoolHERO! - School Custodian. Mrs. Cynthia Roberts, head Environmental Specialist of G.W.Carver is absolutely one of our true school heroes. Taking on the responsibility of head custodian last year, Cynthia quickly learned how to lead in a positive and supportive way with her team of four, several of who were new to Carver. She has high expectations for herself putting forth 110% effort each and every day with no job she will not do.  She leads others by setting the example. Day-in and day-out she ensures her Carver staff and students have a clean, safe, and welcoming school. Just this past summer Cynthia learned how to balance prepping a very large school with summer cleaning while a district-wide summer camp was held in the building. Remaining level headed and calm during this busy and stressful time, Cynthia executed a plan of action and worked alongside her teammates to make this schoolhouse shine! A colleague shares “Ms. Cynthia is simply amazing; she never stops doing! She takes pride in her work and wants the very best for all of us here at Carver!” We couldn’t agree more and are so very lucky to have Cynthia leading here at Carver!

Melissa Stanley: Not only is 1999 a famous Prince album from back in the day, it is also the year Melissa Stanley joined the KCS family at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. Her run there was full of so many successful milestones in her role as an Exceptional Children's teacher. The positive footprint from her time spent there still lives on today with the many relationships built and lessons taught. Fast forward18 years to 2017 when Melissa transitioned to G.W. Carver to assist with the opening of our brand new A+ Arts school. Without hesitation Melissa jumped in head first to bring Carver to life and integrate the arts into her lessons. Her instructional practice and delivery of content is always geared to what her learners need. She is deliberate about every little detail of her day when it comes to working with her kiddos but also ensures her support staff within her room have the resources they need to be effective. All of Melissa’s students remain engaged across all lessons and subject areas. She uses best practices throughout her instruction with hands-on learning and many art-infused activities, leading our A+ focus. For years, Melissa has created long lasting relationships with both her students and families; everyone simply loves Mrs. Stanley! A colleague states, “Melissa is an outstanding teacher who advocates for her students on a daily basis. Her dedication is motivating to everyone around her because she is always willing to try something new and do whatever it takes to set her students up for success. She supports her students and recognizes all that they are capable of in order to set the expectation high and push them towards becoming the best version of themselves.” 

 Mr. Blake Sigmond is the epitome of a team player. Whenever there is an opportunity for him to assist, he is one of the first to throw his hat into the ring to help. There is never a time that Blake does not have a smile on his face. G.W. Carver principal Jason Irving had this to say about Mr. Sigmond:  "Mr. Blake does an outstanding job with the students on his bus! He has created so many positive relationships with his riders over the years, they absolutely respect him and it's easy to see how much he cares about the kids! We're lucky to have a driver like Blake and appreciate all he does day in and day out!"  We are all so very glad that he is a part of the transportation team.

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Audrey Lewis from Fred L. Wilson Elementary.

Audrey Lewis is an amazing 4th grade teacher at Shady Brook Elementary.  One parent who nominated Miss Lewis shared that her daughter speaks often about how much she loves Miss Lewis and how Miss Lewis does fun things in the classroom.  Another parent expressed that Miss Lewis has provided a safe space for a fresh start for her child who had a tough 3rd grade year.  This parent noted that Miss Lewis accepts her child’s uniqueness and works with it to help him move forward and be successful.

Shady Brook Principal Ingrid Doehle says, “Audrey Lewis is a shining star at Shady Brook and was nominated by her peers as Beginning Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year.  She is in the beginning years of her career and she has made a tremendous impact on many student’s lives.”  Ms. Doehle went on the share, “Miss Lewis’ room is vibrant, full of energy, and a natural space for learning.  Her students relate to her young spirit and respect her presence, and she goes above and beyond to enrich her students’ lives.”

Audrey Lewis makes all of us in Kannapolis City Schools very proud. We’re delighted that she is part of our KCS family, and we are pleased that Hilbish Ford is honoring her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award. Congratulations! 


KCS has had one employee retire since our last retiree recognition in September, Ronald Pruitte.

Mr. Pruitte has served with KCS for more than 18 years as a custodian with Shady Brook Elementary School.  Staff and students at Shady Brook say he has always treated them like a part of his family.  They remarked about the pride he took in the school and that he would go out of his way to help anyone with anything.  Mr. Pruitte will be missed for his great personality, his contagious laugh, and his dedication to Shady Brook.