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May Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from Shady Brook Elementary School at its May meeting.

Jayvon Barrett (Student):  Jayvon Barrett is new to the KCS family but truly represents what it means to be a Bulldog and future Wonder.  On the first day of school, he made a lasting impression on students and teachers alike! Jayvon is confident, polite, funny, and extremely helpful. He quickly made friends and became an important member of his classroom. He is someone others can count on and has a great sense of humor.  Jayvon comes to class each day ready to make it a great day. Specialist teachers love Jayvon because he helps them as they have to maneuver their entire classrooms on a cart. In his homeroom class, he is kind to others, finds missing items, helps clean up messes, and keeps his teacher on track. He is the first to volunteer if anyone needs a hand.

The best word to describe Jayvon is authentic! He absolutely enjoys being himself. He advocates for himself by asking questions when he doesn't understand something in class and isn't afraid to stand up for the things he believes in. Jayvon aspires to be a chef one day and we can't wait to watch him succeed.

Someone once said, "Shine with all you have. If someone tries to blow you out, take their oxygen and burn brighter." Continue to shine bright, Jayvon! Congratulations!

Kennedy Yow (5th Grade Student):  The 5th grade teachers at Shady Brook have had the honor of teaching several kids from the Yow family. Each one as responsible, compassionate, and fun as the next.  This year is no exception.  Kennedy Yow strongly but quietly leads her class. She embodies everything you could think of when you think "role model."  Her teachers never have to worry about where they put Kennedy on the seating chart or what group she's working with. Kennedy can and will work with anyone. When it comes to her school work, she does every teacher's favorite thing: she challenges herself. She puts in the work and gives her best effort. 

Ms. Abbott can always rely on Kennedy's hand to be up when no one else's is. If she needs support, she will find it. Whether it is asking a classmate, reviewing a lesson, or asking her teacher, Kennedy makes it happen!  This has been a challenging school year, but Kennedy has gone above and beyond to keep herself on track and her dedication to her school work is impossible to ignore. Kennedy had perfect attendance while we were completely virtual, which is no small feat!

Aside from school, Kennedy is also a great friend. She is extremely kind and respectful to her classmates. In fact, you can see it at lunch, on the playground, during dismissal, anyone around Kennedy Yow has a smile on their face. If she's playing basketball, she's an encouraging teammate. When playing tag, she is a fierce competitor. When talking to her peers, she's a great friend. 

When you think of people who deserve recognition, Kennedy Yow immediately comes to mind. Along with her siblings, she truly encompasses all things that make a school, a teacher, and a parent proud. Congratulations, Kennedy!

Delinda Rodgers (Volunteer):  Delinda Rodgers is a Wonder through and through.  She has spent her time since retiring from KCS volunteering and in service to others. In conjunction with her Sunday School class at Mt Olivet Church, she has organized and delivered snack bags for students in need at Shady Brook for several years.  Delinda has always put a lot of thought and care into the bags.  For example, she made a special effort to have allergen safe items for a student who had severe allergies.  Delinda is a wonderful example of how a volunteer can make a huge impact on the lives of students.

JoAnne Evans-Hoover (Substitute):  Joanne Evans-Hoover is a former Special Education teacher. Joanne is a mother, grandmother, wife, teacher, and God-fearing Christian. She loves birds, blue grass, travel, and food. Ms. Hoover is so special to us at Shady Brook because she loves our EC students and our students love her! When she comes to work at Shady Brook she jumps right in and helps students with their classwork or just makes sure they are doing okay. Joanne praises each student for their abilities and she always finds a way to keep them motivated. Her calming nature is exactly what they need! We don’t just think of Joanne as a substitute teacher, we think of her as being a part of our Shady Brook family.

Donna Anderson (Non-Certified):  Mrs. Anderson is a wonderful addition to our second-grade classrooms.  She is always beyond helpful with anything we need and gets the job done so well. She is amazing with our students during small group instruction and really pays close attention to student needs. She is someone we can always count on!

Donna is one of a kind.  She builds lasting relationships with students that goes beyond their years at Shady Brook. She is supportive of every teacher she works with and is able to support multiple teachers on multiple grade levels. She balances her time in the classroom as well as driving a bus on a daily basis.  Donna supports students during whole group instruction and works with Tiered groups and keeps detailed documentation.  She has a positive approach to anything she does while staying committed to helping our students succeed. Donna Anderson understands how children learn and keeps has high expectations. It is hard to find the words that describe her knowledge, caring, and commitment to our students and staff.

Meghan Lowder (Teacher):  Meghan Lowder has shown care and concern for all aspects of her students' lives this year.  She has welcomed students from other KCS schools and taken the time to get to know each of them. She has gotten creative with her virtual lessons and made learning fun for them. She even took her students on a virtual field trip to the zoo!  She truly wants all students to learn, no matter the circumstance.

Mrs. Lowder has such a kind heart. She has gone the extra mile for her students this year by gathering and hand delivering materials to her virtual students, supporting them in any way she could. She has found fun and creative ways to deliver instruction and we appreciate her for taking on this role with such grace and poise. Shady Brook is fortunate to have Mrs. Lowder! 

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Alexandra Medley from Jackson Park Elementary School.

Alexandra Medley is a phenomenal fourth grade teacher at Jackson Park Elementary School, the kind of teacher children remember for a lifetime.  Just listen to the comments we received in her nominations.  “Mrs. Medley deserves so much recognition for her work this year!  She is one of a kind and JPES is made better just by her being there.  Mrs. Medley constantly goes above and beyond all expectations to make learning as fluid and normal as possible. She has shown grace, and patience as well as strength and care.  Her love for her kids and for teaching is evident in the way she teaches, the way she engages them, and the way she interacts with them. This was my child's first year at JPES and she has made him feel completely at home and a part of the family at JPES.  She has made his transition seamless and I am so grateful for that. Mrs. Medley also is great at communicating and whether it's about an assignment or a concern, she is always on top of it.  She also takes the time to communicate good news, which I feel like sets her apart. She takes time to praise exceptional behavior and good deeds, which we all need to hear, especially in times like these. This unprecedented year, has been made much easier by her hard work and dedication. We are beyond thankful for Mrs. Medley. Her heart for teaching and her students is truly one of kind and I can't think of anyone more deserving of recognition than her.”

Jackson Park principal, Will Gibson couldn’t agree more. He shared, “Very honestly, Alexandra Medley makes all of us better.  The students and teachers of Jackson Park.  Not only is she a wonderful teacher to all the students here in our school, but she also models the professionalism, drive and passion that brings magic to the classrooms of Kannapolis City Schools.”

We couldn’t say it any better than that.  We’re delighted that Alexandra is a part of our KCS family.  We’re also grateful that Hilbish Ford is honoring her excellence with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award.  Congratulations!