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March Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from Jackson Park Elementary School at its March meeting.

Berklee Krout (5th Grade Student): Berklee has a far-reaching positive effect at Jackson Park.  She walks in each day with a smile on her face and stops to greet anyone who looks like they might need a friend.  She contributes to every lesson, but respectfully encourages others to participate, as well.  Students always ask to work with her because they know she will be patient, encouraging them and building them up.  She even nominates other students in our class for Panther of the Month so that they are recognized for what they do.   Berklee is a hard worker; her efforts in school are exceptional.  This can be seen because when she is learning something new, or faced with a difficult challenge, she always puts her head down and just keeps working.  This year Berklee is reading the Harry Potter series and has set a goal to read them all by the end of the year.  To achieve her goal, she has made a calendar and marked how many chapters each week she needs to read (and she is currently on pace to reach her goal)!  At recess, she plays with everyone, and most importantly anyone who needs a friend.  She will leave a group and seek out the person sitting by themselves so that they are not alone.  She puts a smile on our faces daily!  

Toby Edwards (5th Grade Student): Toby Edwards is an extraordinary young man. When he moved to Jackson Park a few years ago from the west coast and fit right in because of his great personality and his outstanding work ethic.  He is a model student as he always does what is expected in class, he cares for other people, and he cares about his school. He is always caring, honest, and kind. In spite of loss in his life, he continues to have a positive attitude. Toby is a blessing to his classmates and his teachers alike. He is an example of a true Jackson Park Panther.

Amanda Krout (volunteer): Something magical must have happened way back in 2015 when Amanda Krout enrolled her first student in Kindergarten here at Jackson Park.  Some bond was formed and Amanda had been a pivotal part of Jackson Park ever since.  She is the lead on any and all parent endeavors, and has a unique skill for galvanizing parents to support all grade levels at our school.  She has a special way of making sure our staff knows how much they are appreciated and loved, and builds us all up often and in very genuine ways.  Most notably this year, she has been a steady and crucial member of our School Leadership Team, providing our parents a strong voice and giving us invaluable input allowing us to meet the needs of our community as Jackson Park opened under Plan B, transitioned to Plan A, then Plan C, and then now Plan B again.

Jerry Faulkenbury (Substitute Teacher): Kannapolis is full of Wonders!  However, if you’d like to also marvel at one of the true wonders of the world, all you have to do is watch Jerry Faulkenbury soothe and facilitate learning in a Kindergarten class as he wonderfully substitute teaches.  Jerry is no stranger to KCS, as he was a PE teacher here for 20 years before retiring.  If there was ever a question as to whether Mr. Faulkenbury has lost his instructional touch or not, just watch the teachers clamor to get Mr. F as their sub. They know he will take exceptional care of their kids while they are gone, and they have seen Jerry’s deep respect for students and each classroom’s instruction. The learning doesn’t miss a beat with Mr. Faulkenbury as a sub.  Jerry’s calm and patient nature, and vast educational experience, make him a substitute teacher that any teacher, and any parent, would love to have in their child’s classroom.  Jerry Faulkenbury is a true legacy at Jackson Park Elementary and KCS, and remains an invaluable asset to our school as he allows instruction to move forward seamlessly whenever called upon.  

Garrett Anderson (Teacher Assistant):    Jackson Park is filled with outstanding educators, so when someone stands out the way Garrett Anderson does, they must be special. Garrett is a natural at working with children.  He has a very strong instinct and “knack” for being able to work in sync with every 4th and 5th grade teacher he serves, and truly provide academic support and small group instruction that parallels exactly what is going on in the classroom and what his students need.  While being in such tune with eight teachers and classrooms in a vast undertaking, he has found a way to made it look easy. Even more importantly, he is able to do it in a way that actually makes each classroom teacher’s job easier, in every way.  It truly feels as if there are two teachers in the classroom whenever Garrett is providing academic support. His relationship with students and teachers is golden, and he has an inherent ability to motivate and bond with kids.  And of course, he has shown a hidden talent for navigating giant yellow buses around the streets of Kannapolis, whenever needed.  He is an instructional assistant that is deeply respected by every teacher at Jackson Park because they know they can trust him to always make great decisions for all our students and genuinely enhance the instruction in every classroom he works in. 

Carletta Klutz: (EC Resource Teacher) – Carletta Klutz is so very deserving of this honor.  Serving as Jackson Park’s Exceptional Children Resource Teacher, as well as a cornerstone of our school-level MTSS team and MTSS process, she has a unique position to see, and serve, the entire school program. She is extremely adept at analyzing student data, developing academic interventions and Individual Education Plans, and has a laser-like focus on designing and implementing high level, engaging instruction based on the specific needs of all of her students.  And most remarkably, all of her EC resource students show high levels of academic growth.

Simply put, Carletta Klutz makes all of us better - students and teachers, throughout our school and district.  Not only does she constantly fuel our teachers, both at Jackson Park and district-wide, on educational practices that enhance our abilities to serve all of our students, but she also models the professionalism, drive and passion that bring magic to the classrooms of Kannapolis City Schools.  You would be very hard pressed to find any EC teacher anywhere in this district that hasn’t learned from and been inspired by Carletta Klutz.

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Jason Stegall from A.L. Brown High School.

Jason Stegall is an amazing and dedicated CTE teacher at A.L. Brown High School, serving as an Engineering Teacher and also as the Robotics Advisor for the Beta Club.  The parent who nominated Mr. Stegall talked about the important role he has played in her child’s education at A. L. Brown.  She said, “I am sure he has had a huge impact on the lives of many who have been in his classes.  As the Engineering teacher, his classes are hands-on and interactive, allowing time for activities, experimentation and constructive conversations.”  This parent went on to share that, “during virtual learning days, Mr. Stegall works hard to work his students to get to know them and help them stay on track.”

A. L. Brown Principal Angelo DelliSanti noted, “One of the hallmarks of a great teacher is their ability to get their student to think freely and creatively.  I’ve seen that repeatedly over the two years that I’ve had the opportunity to be Mr. Stegall’s Principal.  His engineering classes are absolutely preparing his students for the complex world they will find themselves in post-graduation.”

CTE Director Daryle Adams shared, “I can think of no one better suited for this honor than Mr. Stegall.  He is committed to delivering the best instruction to our kids daily, making difficult concepts understandable and relevant.  He is committed to growing in his field, and committed to supporting other staff members across the district.  Jason has been an integral part of the CTE department and is one of the key reasons why we have one of the best Engineering programs in the state.”

We feel privileged to have Jason Stegall on the KCS teaching staff and as a part of the Wonder Family.  We’re delighted that Hilbish Ford is honoring his excellence with the Hilbish Ford Outstanding Teacher of the Month Award for March. Congratulations!