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February Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from G.W. Carver Elementary School at its February meeting.

Jaxton Yin:  Jaxton is one of our first grade ‘Superstars’ at G.W. Carver. He is an absolutely amazing kid. Jaxton works incredibly hard each and every day especially now during these times of virtual learning. He has a positive attitude and is a kind friend to others both in his class and in other homerooms. Jaxton pays close attention to detail while completing his schoolwork and will often ask his teacher for more challenging work simply because he loves learning. His teacher Mrs. Stirewalt shares “I can always count on Jaxton to act as a leader in our class and serve as a role model for other students!”  The GWC ‘Music Man’ Mr. Minchew tells, “Jaxton is always enthusiastic and ready to be musical for himself and others.  He sets a wonderful example for others in class!”   

Isabella Moody: Isabella is a third grade student at G.W. Carver who so many know about simply because of her wonderful and creative ideas! Isabella may be quiet at times but is so full of life! She is always showing random acts of kindness to others and is a great friend as she offers help and guidance to fellow classmates. She always leads by example for her peers and is a true role model. Mrs. Horne, a member of our Encore team, said, “I feel Isabella will become a true leader in whatever profession she chooses.  She is simply brilliant!” Her teacher Mrs. Haigler shares, “Isabella is kind, caring, and a hard working student. She is friendly and helpful to others. She brightens the room with her smile and personality. I can count on her to be engaged and active in class and it’s easy to see her love for learning.” 

Danyale Ford (Kannapolis Church of God): Danyale has been a tremendous asset to G.W. Carver and has worked extremely hard to support our students and staff. Danyale was in and out of Carver serving as a substitute teacher last school year and did a very nice job. She also took the lead in a long-term substitute position this school year for a maternity leave, teaching both full virtual and then transitioning to face-to-face instruction, again doing amazing things for students and staff. Although her long-term position ended, her attachment and support to Carver did not! Danyale, along with the support of Kannapolis Church of God, has remained connected by providing love and praise to our entire staff. She has orchestrated the many details that go into setting up staff luncheons and celebration carts loaded with goodies and treats. Along with the offering of these ongoing thoughtful gifts was an overwhelming outpour of constant praise and love which goes such a long way! 

Anette Carlock: Anette has been an amazing substitute teacher for us this year at G.W. Carver and has been added to the top of our “GO TO” substitute list. Ms. Carlock came in this year to lead as a long term leave teacher for one of our second grade homerooms. Anette was outstanding at making sure the instructional day continued just as it would have if the regular classroom teacher were present. She was knowledgeable with elementary-level delivery and did an excellent job keeping everything lively, fun and engaging! With this school year being very heavy on virtual learning, Anette had to quickly learn the many pieces of this new style of school and she jumped in head first. Endless hours were put forth learning the curriculum, collaborating with fellow teachers and building relationships with students and families. Anette also picked up other open positions at Carver as a substitute after her second grade assignment ended and was outstanding in these classes as well! Everyone at Carver is so very lucky to have her support, and they hope she will continue to be a ‘Star Substitute” for many years to come!

Michelle Morgan:  Michelle is going on her second year as an Instructional Assistant with us at G.W. Carver and has so quickly learned the ‘ins-and-outs’ of this role. She is one who wants to perform to the best of her ability at all times and has extremely high expectations not only for herself but also for her students. If there is something that Michelle does not know, she will ask for support right away, and with being such a fast learner, will have it mastered immediately! There is nothing that Michelle won’t do for anyone across any team, and with everything she does she wears a big, bright smile! While working with our kindergarten and first grade students, Michelle is extremely thorough as she teaches, and she understands how students learn best. She very much takes a hands-on approach with learning, and she leads by example. Students love Mrs. Morgan, and this is easy to see from all of the big smiles, hugs, and high-fives she gets every day! A colleague shares, “Mrs. Morgan is like a ray of sunshine when she comes into the classroom. She is always upbeat, positive and eager to help. The volume of ‘work’ she is able to complete daily is amazing.  My list of things that one would expect to take a week she completes in a day! When she works with students she makes them all feel like they have made mountains of growth and progress!”

Christy Parker:  The year was 1999 when Christy joined the KCS family at Shady Brook Elementary School. Fast forward18 years to 2017 when Christy transitioned to G.W. Carver to assist with the opening of a brand new A+ Arts school.  And if there is one thing Christy is phenomenal at doing it’s integrating the arts into her everyday lessons. Her instructional practice is so incredibly sound and her students remain engaged at all times across, all subject areas. She uses best practices throughout her whole group and small group instruction with top notch modeling and a hands-on learning. Christy is also that teacher who goes the extra mile to establish positive relationships with all of her students and families; they know she loves and cares for them dearly! Christy is also often called upon to help mold future teachers by hosting student teachers which is an imperative piece for our practice. A colleague states, “Christy has been a staple in KCS for as long as I can remember. She is an amazing advocate for her students and school. She is the perfect representation of that one teacher every parent would want for their child. She is a leader, a role model and a tremendous asset to G.W. Carver and KCS!”

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Madison Hipp from Fred L. Wilson Elementary.

Madison Hipp is an extraordinary 2nd Grade Dual Language English Teacher at Fred L. Wilson Elementary.   And, according to the family that nominated Ms. Hipp, she is absolutely the best teacher!  They shared that “she is very well organized and so passionate about being the best she can be for her students.”  They went on to say, “For remote learning, she goes above and beyond and our son feels like he is still in the room learning with her.” 

Her Fred L. Wilson family also feel Ms. Hipp is extremely deserving of this recognition.  They spoke to the wonderful way she has of taking care of people while also taking care of business.  They noted how her students feel loved, supported, and pushed!  And, not only do students seek her out, but her colleagues do, as well.  They see her as an excellent role model, epitomizing professional teaching standards, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.  As a dual language teacher, they find she has an uncanny ability to design thorough learning experiences for all of her dual language learners.  One Fred L. Wilson staff member shared that Ms. Hipp is a phenomenal educator!

Wow, we can’t say it any better than that!  We are extremely proud that Madison is part of our Kannapolis City Schools’ family, and we are delighted on behalf of Hilbish Ford General Manager, Tim Vaughn, to present her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award. Congratulations!