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January Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from A.L Brown High School at its January meeting.

Trenton Thompson: Trent is an amazing student at A. L. Brown. He's a scholar and an athlete, having both a strong GPA and a natural athleticism that many of us only wish we had; however, he is in possession of something far greater than both of those talents, and that is the gift of a good heart. As a part of the Junior Dream Team at A. L. Brown, he worked with other students and staff to make a dream come true for one of their peers - to send him on a VIP trip to a Cleveland Browns game. Trent's natural charisma and genuine interest in service during those meetings were impressive and he has only solidified that impression over the following year. Recently, he helped organize the A. L. Brown Men of Excellence Club at A. L. Brown, which, above all other things, encourages our student body to be excellent people - and they do this through service and modeling it. We look forward to many good things unfolding in this young man's future.

Grace Parker: The word that comes to mind when you think of Grace Parker is “commitment”.  Grace knows what she wants and is going for it with all of her heart.  Her principal shared that he considers it a privilege to watch her strive to grow the ROTC program and the cadets within the program.  We are all hoping she is able to realize her dream of attending the United States Naval Academy in the fall.  We trust, as a member of our armed services, Grace will make our entire country a better, safer place.

First Sergeant Leach had this to say about Grace:  “Grace Parker is a responsible, exceptional, young, inspiring woman that I have had the distinct honor and privilege of knowing for the last three years.  During this time, she has set the example for others to follow.  Grace is a well-rounded person with a tremendous work ethic.  She is a well-organized person who is committed to achieving excellence in everything she sets out to accomplish.  She seems to have the ability to analyze a problem or situation until she understands it, to present multiple options to solve the problem or improve the situation either individually or as a team leader within group context, and then to follow-through until the mission is accomplished successfully.  Ms. Parker has proven to be a highly competent asset for our collective organization and has seized the opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to excellence.”

Meg Lemelin: Mrs. Lemelin is the proud parent of three amazing young ladies who have graduated, or are in the process of graduating, from A. L. Brown High School. She also happens to be the A. L. Brown PTA President and one of a small group of volunteers who gives of their time and energy to support all things A. L. Brown. We want to thank her for what she does to encourage students and staff at the high school.   The understanding and respect she has for her daughters and their different strengths and weaknesses also allow her to help them grow to be better, stronger young women. That same understanding and respect carry over into the support and encouragement she offers others.

Jane Jacobs: Jane Jacobs routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty with respect to her responsibilities as a substitute teacher. And, in truth, she is more than a regular substitute teacher. Having retired after an incredible teaching career, Jane has served as a substitute in a variety of local schools over the past few years; however, the call this year has been greater. A. L. Brown needed someone to come in every single day and teach English to students within the classroom. Last semester, she did this in partnership with another teacher and this semester, she's taking another step forward and using her teaching background to teach three entire sections at the high school.  As an alumna of A. L. Brown High School, Jane has always been part of the family, but her work this year embodies what being a family is all about.

Jessica Ramsey: Jessica Ramsey is a truly sincere person and, as daunting a job as it is to serve as the financial secretary for A. L. Brown, she has worked hard in during her tenure in that role to help A. L. Brown get on-track financially. She has been asked to learn as much as anyone on staff, and, in most cases, many times more than most. She has constructed new processes that create efficiency within the financial processes, enabling teachers to better serve our students; however, she's also willing to get up extra early to come in and setup breakfast for visitors from other districts. This month, she leaves her role as our financial secretary to take the last step toward becoming a teacher, and it is our sincere hope that we have a spot for her at A. L. Brown when she's done with student teaching.

Dr. Sara Newell: The work Sara does for students, staff, and the greater A. L. Brown community is nothing short of heroic. From meeting with parents to helping point students in the right direction at Cross Country matches, there is absolutely nothing she is incapable or unwilling to do. She understands that leadership is about serving people and this is the hallmark of her leadership ability. We feel blessed to have her as a part of the KCS family. 

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Suzanne Lentz from Forest Park Elementary.

Suzanne Lentz is a wonderful example of the amazing teachers we have in Kannapolis City Schools.  She has successfully taught fourth grade students at Forest Park Elementary for many years.  Her principal Martha Motley shared, “Mrs. Lentz is a proactive teacher who constantly seeks out ways to improve her practice.”  This year she stepped into the unknown when she agreed to be a fully remote teacher.  Mrs. Motley said, “In this setting, Mrs. Lentz continues to hold students to high expectations while providing a classroom environment that fosters high growth.  Mrs. Lentz’s students love learning with her because her class is highly engaging and provides a space that is caring and respectful.”

The parents who nominated Mrs. Lentz for Teacher of the Month shared that she “has been a rock solid foundation for our child this year as her remote learning teacher.”  They described her as a wonderful educator and an expert in her field.  They have found her to be compassionate, flexible, and approachable.  The parents expressed their appreciation the way she works to ensure all students are meeting expectations and have an opportunity for success.  They also described the warmth and love she is able to share through the computer screen and how much their child enjoys Mrs. Lentz’s class.

Suzanne Lentz makes all of us in Kannapolis City Schools very proud. We’re delighted that she is part of our KCS family, and we are pleased, on behalf of Tim Vaughn of Hilbish Ford, to honor her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award. Congratulations!