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November Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from Fred L. Wilson Elementary at its November meeting.

Bryson Johnson:  Bryson Johnson is a 5th-grade student at Fred L. Wilson in Toni Beam’s class. Bryson embodies what we should all strive to be: kind, caring, courteous, and thoughtful.  He has a smile and kind word for everyone that he passes in the building.  Bryson is the first one to encourage his classmate when they are having a rough time.  He will jump in with a “You got this” or “You can do it.”  Bryson is also an excellent example of what it means to persevere.  When presented with a task, no matter how challenging, Bryson will work at it until it is complete. He never gives up when something gets difficult or frustrating.  Bryson is well known among all of the staff at Fred L. Wilson as an exceptional young man and a great role model for other students. Bryson enjoys riding his four-wheeler in his spare time. He loves his family and helping out at home, and most of all, helping his grandfather mow the lawn. 

Jayce Parrilla: Jayce is an outstanding third-grader at Fred L. Wilson in Ms. Morgan’s class. Creative, wise, and funny are words that come to mind when most think of Jayce. Jayce is truly a student that thinks outside of the box and is very inventive. He is a deep thinker who asks really good questions and likes to come up with creative solutions. He loves to draw and loves books, especially ones about superheroes or other funny characters.  Jayce is outgoing and genuine (he is not afraid to express his honest opinion).  Mrs. Shaughnessy, along with his other teachers, are the most proud of Jayce for his perseverance. When schools closed down in the spring, Jayce was dedicated to participating in all distance learning activities including daily Zoom classes. He always had a positive attitude about it.  It paid off because he has shown good growth with his reading since returning to school in August.

Kara McCracken: Kara McCracken has been an outstanding parent volunteer at Fred L. Wilson for more than eight years. The staff at Fred L Wilson have loved her in many positions, including being a parent, substitute, and now 3rd-5th grade instructional assistant. Kara has an impeccable work ethic, both inside the classroom and as a mom. She is organized, thorough, and always the first to volunteer to help support students, teachers, and families. She is an active PTA member and is always seeking ways to raise funds to support classroom instructional needs. Kara is also excellent at building relationships with students. She takes the time to get to know the whole child and makes sure they feel loved, valued, and have a purpose. She is a wonderful mom to five children, including three who are currently students at Fred L Wilson.

Amy McElligott:  Amy McElligott is a kindergarten instructional assistant and bus driver at Fred L Wilson.  She is highly respected at FLW for her dedication of wrap-around support that she provides to our students.  For many of our students, Amy McElligott is often the first FLW staff person to greet them in the morning at their bus stop.  She safely transports them to school and then teaches them all day long. Amy communicates well with the families of her bus riders and is very conscientious about providing clear communication and a safe environment for her bus riders.  Amy also supports her fellow coworkers.  Amy is known for always exuding a calm demeanor.  She is willing to support everyone that needs help and is often found going above and beyond her regular duties. 

Tatiana Contreras:  Tatiana Contreras is a 2nd-grade Spanish Dual Language teacher at Fred L Wilson from Bogota, Colombia. This recognition is special and unique as Tatiana is our first international teacher to be recognized by the school board. 
You will not find a more thoughtful or compassionate teacher than Ms. Contreras. Her dedication to her students, her teammates, and her fellow Spanish teachers is evident in every decision she makes. When you step into her classroom you are immediately captivated by a sense of warmth and excitement as students engage in learning every moment of the day. Ms. Contreras delights in finding creative ways to hold the attention of her students and uses a variety of tools, strategies, visuals, and songs...and even a special pair of giant pink glasses.  Not only is Ms. Contreras an exceptional teacher in the classroom, she is also an invaluable leader within the Fred L Wilson family through the many ways she supports her fellow international teachers as they transition into Kannapolis City Schools. Ms. Contreras’ co-teacher, Madison Hipp, says she could sing Ms. Contreras’ praises from sunrise to sunset, but her unwavering support, continuous hard work, and humble spirit are some of the qualities that she is most grateful for.  Ms. Contreras is an exceptional educator and a truly special person, and the Fred L Wilson family is so blessed to have her.

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Kayla Harris from Jackson Park Elementary.

Kayla Harris is a dedicated and passionate first-grade teacher at Jackson Park Elementary.  The families who nominated her spoke to the way she goes above and beyond to spend time with each student so that they get the most out of her instruction.  Kayla understands that all children have different ways of learning and she helps all of them reach their full potential.

Her principal, Mr. Gibson shared, "Kayla is so deserving of this recognition.  Serving as a first-grade teacher at Jackson Park, as well as on our school-wide MTSS team, she has a unique position to see, and serve, the entire school program.  She is so good at analyzing student data, developing academic interventions and extensions, and of course, delivering engaging instruction in the classroom.”  He continued by saying, “the work Kayla Harris does both in her classroom and at the school level makes all of us better.  The relationship she develops with all of her students and colleagues not only builds all of us instructionally, but also enhances our school culture as a loving, student-centered, and wonderful place.”

We’re extremely proud that Kayla Harris has remained part of our KCS family, from her time as a student to becoming an outstanding teacher, and we’re delighted, on behalf of General Manager, Tim Vaughn, to present her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award.  Congratulations, Kayla!