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October Board of Education Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from G.W. Carver Elementary at its October meeting.

Jayvion Stevens:  Jayvion is a hardworking individual who continuously participates.  While many students are feeling anxious and overwhelmed about participating in a smaller class environment, Jayvion has embraced it head-on.  He works hard on his remote days and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions.  It is very clear that not only is Jayvion an incredible young man, he has also taken the challenge of blended learning very seriously and won’t accept anything less for himself than success in the classroom.
James (Matthew) Gentry:  Matthew is a fully remote instruction student in 8th grade.  Matthew stands out for his great work ethic, which is even more remarkable in an entirely remote setting.  He is always positive and incredibly polite.  Matthew is a stellar example of a student striving for academic excellence and making the best of this situation.
Clay Steward and The Refuge Church:  Clay and members of The Refuge have been supportive, not only to the students at KMS, but the staff, as well.  They give encouragement and support by sponsoring a birthday snack at monthly staff meetings.  Over this very unusual summer, Clay and his staff updated the KMS outdoor classroom with a much-needed makeover.  Their repairs included new steps, a bridge, gravel, and mulch to allow for outdoor learning as well as a pathway for Physical Education classes to access the track without walking through the bus lot.
Alicia Rivens:  Alicia has taken on a whole new level of support this year.  She has transitioned from ISS to “whatever our school needs.”  She has taken on hotspot/Chromebook responsibilities, home visits, and even called parent and students to ensure that they were able to log in and be successful this year.  She has been an incredible source of support as she continues to assist with a positive, problem-solving attitude.  You can even find her supporting our hardworking custodial staff as they have tackled a new workload as well.

Felicia Shepard:  Felicia has worked tirelessly to provide a quality education to our 8th grade virtual students.  Initially taking on close to 200 students, she worked diligently to communicate with parents and students to ensure they were prepared and receiving a quality education.  She has also established a New Teacher program to offer an expanded level of support to those who are new to KMS.  Mrs. Shepard has been a strong leader to her teammates who were new to 8th grade this year.  She has had an incredible start to the 2020-2021 school and tackled every challenge head-on so that she can continuously do what is best for our students.                  
Joey Chapman:  Joey has stepped up and assisted all staff with the transition to Canvas.  He has provided professional development to almost the entire staff individually and has been able to troubleshoot any and all issues on the go.  As one teacher put it, “I simply would NOTE have survived the first month of school implementing Canvas without Joey guiding me, teaching me and letting me fumble.  Even when I ask him the same questions again because I can’t remember the answer from the day before, he is patient, kind, and understanding.  He is Mr. Canvas!!!”

The Board was also pleased to recognize the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month, Rachel Ridenhour from G.W. Carver Elementary.

Rachel Ridenhour is an amazing second grade teacher at G. W. Carver Elementary.  She was nominated for this award by three different families.  They used words like wonderful, amazing, dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, and creative.  They each spoke to the way Ms. Ridenhour cares for all of her students and strives to make learning fun.  One parent said, “She goes above and beyond to build relationships with her students and makes sure every student feels accepted in her classroom family.  She pushes students to think for themselves and teaches them that they can accomplish hard tasks.” 

Her principal, Mr. Irving shared, "Rachel is that teacher who brings all that she can to benefit her students and her school each and every day!  After a strong first year at GWC as a first grade, she is shining as a full virtual second grade teacher this year.”  He continued by saying, “Rachel holds high expectations for her students while building relationships.  Every day her students know that she wants the very best for them all.”

We’re proud that Rachel Ridenhour is part of our KCS family.  We’re also delighted, on behalf of General Manager, Tim Vaughn, to present her with the Hilbish Ford Teacher of the Month Award.  Congratulations!

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