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Opportunity Rests in Our Diversity and Engagement For Change

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.  These senseless acts shed light on the deep-rooted, systemic racism and social injustices that plague our nation and we are compelled to speak out.  Kannapolis City Schools condemns these acts.  We share in your anger and grief.  As a family, we are hurting.  We acknowledge there is much work to be done and we have a responsibility to our students, staff, families and community to collectively oppose these systems and create change.

We believe that our greatest strength and opportunity rests in our diversity and we must create and maintain space for all voices to be heard and valued.  We vow to engage in difficult and courageous conversations necessary to move us forward.  We will continue our efforts toward more culturally responsive practices and nurture inclusive, antiracist environments.  Education is a path to change and our students are our hope.  We are committed to helping students learn about our country’s long and continuing struggle to live up to our ideals of liberty and justice for all.  These truths will empower students to make positive, effective changes and advance social justice within their homes, schools and communities.

We do not stand for racial discrimination in KCS.  All students, staff and families should feel valued, heard and respected.  Be assured, we are committed to providing a safe, equity-oriented environment where everyone feels welcomed and free of any fear from intolerance or bigotry.  As we move forward, we will ground ourselves in humility, prioritize shared collaboration, and hold ourselves accountable to our students, staff and community.