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Representatives from Forest Park Elementary honored by school board

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The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from Forest Park Elementary School at its February meeting.

We are very grateful to the
Burgess State Farm Financial Services & Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the Forest Park Media Center in appreciation of the honorees.


  • Erica Williams:  Erica is an amazing second-grade student at Forest Park. She is very sweet and caring and is always willing to help her classmates and teachers. Erica says she can't wait to grow up to become a teacher because she loves helping others. Her teacher says Erica is constantly asking if there is anything she can do to help around the classroom, and her teacher definitely appreciates that. Erica is a master at puzzles and even shows others how to do them. She has grown so much in the past year, and her teachers are very proud of her. Erica is also a big help at home. She loves to help her dad and Mimi and even helps take care of her little cousin. Erica always has a beautiful smile and truly lights up the room and brings joy everywhere she goes!                                                                                              
  • Bryan Gonzalez-Martinez: Bryan is a true role model. He follows all of the BEAR rules and expectations and puts his heart into everything he does. Bryan’s teacher says she is very proud and lucky to be Bryan’s teacher. “I have had the privilege of watching this shy third grader become strong, brave, and vibrant,” Bryan is a student who deserves to be celebrated, and everyone at Forest Park is excited to see him being recognized tonight.


  • Gaye St. John:  Gaye St. John is an outstanding Forest Park volunteer. She volunteers in all four kindergarten classrooms each week, and she does it with gusto. She brings a book to read to small groups, and she always comes with lots of excitement. Her students love listening to her read to them, and the staff at Forest Park think she is amazing. They truly appreciate the time she dedicates to Forest Park and the kindness and love for reading that she shares with students each week.                          


  • Donna Hancock: Donna Hancock is a substitute Forest Park can count on. Ms. Hancock has substituted in Exceptional Children’s classrooms many days this year. She patiently works with students to makes sure they get the extra support and care they need. She’s also an excellent team player as she works with the other adults in the classroom to serve students. Ms. Hancock shows gentleness in all that she does. She’s always willing to do anything needed and does it with a smile. 
  • Dara Cauble: Dara Cauble is a wonderful and highly energetic Teacher Assistant and bus driver. She gets students to and from school safely every day, and her bus has positive behavior. She knows students by name and greets each one with a smile and kind words. Erin Duncan, the teacher who works with Miss Cauble, said that Dara has been a wonderful addition to her classroom. She says Dara is always willing to help, and she takes initiative to be productive in all classroom activities. Students love Ms. Cauble, and so do her colleagues. They say her positive attitude and upbeat personality make her a true joy to work with every day.


  • Jessica Rocklein: Jessica Rocklein is the Trilogy teacher at Forest Park. She teaches multiple grade levels and supports students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs while instructing them in the core curriculum. Miss Rocklein genuinely loves every child. She has a true desire to help her students meet their fullest potential by providing a safe and loving environment and motivating them to learn in engaging ways. A typical day in her classroom can be hilarious, wonderful, exhausting, a little scary sometimes, and often unpredictable. Children are not always able to handle big emotions, but Ms. Rocklein takes the time to care about them and nurture their ability to manage emotional responses in healthy, adaptive ways. Every day is a new day, and Ms. Rocklein is the constant in her students’ lives. Ms. Rocklein is a rock star, and everyone at Forest Park appreciates her very much.