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School board honors representatives from A.L. Brown High School

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The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from A.L. Brown High School at its January meeting.

We are very grateful to the
Burgess State Farm Financial Services & Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the A.L. Brown Media Center in appreciation of the honorees.


  • Jillian Brim: Jillian is an outstanding student who has had a tremendous impact on A.L. Brown High School. As the student body president, Jillian has been a constant advocate for her peers and her school. She regularly meets with school staff to discuss plans that will enhance the student experience at A. L. Brown. Her principal, Mr. DelliSanti, has very high praise for Jillian. He says he greatly appreciates the level of feedback and honesty Jillian has given him this year as she fills the role of Student Body President. He also says she exemplifies what it means to Be A Wonder. For these reasons, along with her strong academic profile, he knows she will be successful at whatever she does in life.                                                                                                                                    
  • Alexis Maverick: Alexis Maverick is another outstanding student who’s having a big impact on A.L. Brown. Mr. DelliSanti says that she came to him early last fall asking if she could start a supply closet for students in need. He said he was skeptical because students often have big ideas, but they don’t have a plan to make them happen. However, Alexis was different. She had a specific plan and the motivation to get it done. Over the next month, Alexis worked with the school counseling staff to collect toothbrushes, soap, and other items to help students in need. The result has been the creation of a Kindness Closet. Now, counselors use that closet to help A.L. Brown students in need. This kind of generosity shows what it means to be a Wonder, and everyone at A.L. Brown is looking forward to seeing how Alexis continues to lead A. L. Brown in the future.                                                                                   
  • Caroline Fongemy:  Caroline Fongemy is a parent who is seemingly everywhere at A.L. Brown. As a teacher herself, she values education; however, her dedication to A. L. Brown goes far beyond the ordinary. She is an active and proud band parent and serves as a School Improvement Team parent representative. She also is part of the district’s Parent Advisory Council. Whenever she volunteers, she doesn’t merely show up. She shares her perspective as both a parent and an educator, which helps the A.L. Brown leadership team make good decisions as they work to grow and improve the school. In short, Mr. DelliSanti says that Caroline Fongemy is always available and always has a smile on her face and a willingness to serve wherever she can. Everyone at A.L. Brown is grateful to have her as such an invaluable part of their school.                                                                   


  • Sara Pieper: Sara Pieper has been a long-term substitute at A.L. Brown since August, and she has become one of the family. She has attended professional development sessions, staff events, and extracurricular activities for her students. She plans with her learning team and works to implement lessons that will be engaging for her students. Ms. Pieper also upholds the A.L. Brown core value of integrity. She monitored her students' progress from home when, unfortunately, she had to be out for surgery this past fall. Through that time, Ms. Pieper communicated with parents and kept in touch with her colleagues. She also worked with students on an individual basis when she returned to make sure they were successful in Earth and Environmental Science. Even more importantly, Ms. Pieper makes sure all her students feel included in her classroom. A.L. Brown is lucky to have Ms. Pieper.                                            


  • Susan Smith: Whether it’s acting in her role as the high school data manager or rallying teachers and families around students who face hardships and want to quit school, Susan Smith is always making a difference for students. Susan gives her time and office space to staff and administrators to explore creative options for getting students back on track. Thanks to her efforts, students who once were dropouts or missing for weeks, are now back in school every day and on track to graduate. No task is ever too big for Ms. Smith, and she helps her A.L. Brown family members make it through the day—whether it’s a student grabbing a piece of candy between classes or teachers stopping in to gather themselves after a difficult class to get themselves ready for the next one. No matter the day or situation, Susan Smith gives of herself without asking anything in return. She is truly a WONDER and everyone at A.L. Brown is grateful for her contributions.                                                                    
  • Zaria Franklin: During the spring semester of Zaria Franklin’s 11th grade year, the dance class at A. L. Brown was invited to perform at the Cabarrus Arts Council breakfast. It was that experience, along with her amazing dance teacher at A.L. Brown, that sparked Zaria’s passion for dance. She went from not believing in herself to wanting to make dance a career. Even though her parents were not crazy about her wanting to become a dancer, Zaria followed her dreams and became the dance teacher at A.L. Brown in 2018.  She not only chose a career that she believed in but also pursued a profession where she could do what she loved and impact students at the same time. Zaria leads students in routine dance moves and new styles of movement. She inspires them to develop qualities that make them better dancers and people. She teaches students who are well-trained dancers, students with physical disabilities, and students with no dance training at all, and she helps all of them develop their skills. More than anything, her room is a community. She sets a positive example for her students and her peers. She is truly a WONDER, and she makes everyone at A.L. Brown very proud.