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School Board honors outstanding representatives from Jackson Park Elementary

JP Recognitions

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from Jackson Park Elementary School at its November meeting.

We are very grateful to the
Burgess State Farm Financial Services & Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the Jackson Park library in appreciation of the honorees.


  • Fernanda Olvera Olvera: Some leaders choose to remain quiet, listen, and make good decisions based on their convictions and the needs of others. Fernanda Olvera Olvera is that leader. She is a brilliant, yet extremely humble, fifth grader who lends a hand to others. She is also a science whiz and hopes to become a zoologist because she likes to work with animals. She is a model student, extremely kind, hard-working, and a joy to be around. Fernanda serves on the flag team and helps train others to raise and lower the school’s flags. She is also part of an after school club called Math Olympiads where students work together to solve problems and practice math skills.


  • Kenya Palmer:Kenya Palmer is a Jackson Park fifth grader whose favorite subject is science. She loves building and playing with robots and machines. She also is a big fan of Nancy Drew mystery books. Kenya enjoys making bracelets, and she has made bracelets by hand for her classmates. Jackson Park staff say she is an awesome young lady who shows good character and citizenship. They also say she is kind, friendly, and always willing to help others. 


  • Amanda Krout: Amanda Green Krout studied early childhood education at Rowan Cabarrus Community College and was a former teacher at SPEC Kids. She is a proud graduate of A.L Brown High School and a wonderful volunteer at Jackson Park. Amanda leads with a giving heart. She is always looking for ways to support each classroom. Everyone at Jackson Park appreciates what she does for their school, and they say Amanda’s joy makes Jackson Park a better place.        
  • Kristen Jaramillo: Ms. Jaramillo is a long-time friend, parent, and volunteer at Jackson Park. She is also an amazing substitute. The Jackson Park staff say she is a great supporter of the school and willing to do anything to support the staff and students. She will substitute in any grade, any class, and do whatever is asked of her. She has even substituted as a 5th grade assistant and worked tirelessly with intervention groups.                   
  • Leslie Shue: Leslie Shue is a teacher assistant and legend around Jackson Park. There is no job too big or small for her to take on. On the average day, Ms. Shue will come into contact with more than 300 students. She works in many grade levels and helps students on any subject that might need some extra focus. She is able to move smoothly from Kindergarten reading to second grade math and anything in between. Her colleagues say she is extremely supportive of all teachers and students. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She is a hard worker who always gets the job done and a joy to have as part of the Jackson Park family.                          
  • Stacie Bunn:      If you are at Jackson Park and see a blur out of the corner of your eye, there is a good chance that is Stacie Bunn flying around to her next activity. Ms. Bunn is Jackson Park’s STEM teacher and makes it her mission to build relationships with students and make them excited about science! She works with kids to program robots, plant vegetables, irrigate gardens, design roller coasters, and set up their own produce stand. When students are with Ms. Bunn, they are happy, busy, and learning. She fills any extra time she may have with teaching extra classes, running social groups, mentoring new teachers, and writing grants for supplies. She also provides professional development for teachers in the area of project-based learning. Ms. Bunn is more than an excellent teacher; she’s also a great role model and wonderful friend!