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September School Board Recognitions

School Board Recognition

The Kannapolis Board of Education was proud to honor outstanding representatives from Shady Brook Elementary School at its September meeting.

We are very grateful to the
Mary Beth Ballantine Burgess State Farm Insurance Agency for donating $100 to the Shady Brook library in appreciation of the honorees.


  • Messiah Bost: Messiah Bost is the epitome of perseverance. When times get rough, he holds his head up high and powers through to achieve greatness. Earlier this school year, Messiah had to have emergency surgery that put him out of school for a few days. There was a spark gone from the classroom. When he returned, he pushed himself to catch up with his classmates and was determined to catch up on everything he missed. Messiah is a very responsible young man and extremely respectful to everyone. All of his teachers adore him and love the energy that he brings to school every day. 


  • Raeliy Tallman: Raeliy Tallman embodies all the characteristics of a true friend. She is the first to sit with the kid that is eating alone or asks the new kid to join the group at recess. She makes smart choices, and you can tell that she values her time in school and the people who support her. Raeliy is a wonderful young lady who uses her talents to help others. She always helps classmates, and she is an amazing role model. She has fun while she is at school and makes sure everyone else is enjoying their time as well. When Raeliy’s mom learned of the recognitions, she said, “Raeliy has always been a kind person and her love for people is unmatched.” Everyone at Shady Brook sees her as trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and encouraging to others. She is a positive part of the Shady Brook family.  


  • Ron & Cindy Adkins: Something magical happened the day Ron & Cindy Adkins found themselves exploring the hallways of Shady Brook and working with the teachers and students. They began volunteering many years ago as part of an initiative with a local church and have become part of the Shady Brook family. Even after the church initiative tapered off, Ron and Cindy have remained steadfast in their dedication and commitment to Shady Brook’s students. Their impact has been tremendous. While they have focused much of their time in 3rd Grade, Ron and Cindy know the different needs of Shady Brook teachers and do all they can to help each one of them. Shady Brook is definitely a better place with Ron and Cindy Akins.                          


  • Jerry Faulkenbury: If you want to see one of the true wonders of the world, just watch Jerry Faulkenbury facilitate learning in a Kindergarten class as he substitute teaches. Jerry is no stranger to Shady Brook. He was the Bulldogs PE teacher for 20 years before retiring, and he definitely has not lost his instructional touch. Teachers clamor to get Mr. Faulkenbury as their sub because they know he will take exceptional care of their kids while they are gone. They have seen Jerry’s deep respect for students, and they know learning won’t miss a beat with him as a sub. Jerry’s calm and patient nature and his vast educational experience make him a substitute that any teacher or parent would love in their child’s classroom. Jerry is a true legacy at Shady Brook, and he remains an invaluable asset as he allows instruction to move forward seamlessly whenever he’s needed.


  • Lori Murray: Shady Brook is filled with outstanding educators, so when someone stands out the way Lori Murray does, they must be special. Lori is a natural at everything. She has a very strong instinct and a “knack” for being in sync with every 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teacher she serves. She truly provides academic support and small group instruction that parallels exactly what is going on in the classroom and what her students need. While being in tune with nine teachers and classrooms in a vast undertaking, she has found a way to made it look easy. Even more importantly, she is able to do it in a way that actually makes each classroom teacher’s job easier in every way. It truly feels as if there are two teachers in the classroom whenever Lori is providing academic support. Her relationship with students and teachers is golden, and she has an inherent ability to motivate and bond with kids. She also has a hidden talent for navigating giant yellow buses around the streets of Kannapolis whenever needed. She is an instructional assistant every teacher at Shady Brook loves because she makes great decisions and genuinely enhances the instruction in every classroom. 


  • Colleen Dolby: Colleen Dolby is in only her third year at Shady Brook, but she has changed the school. She joined Shady Brook from a neighboring county and brought an incredible wealth of knowledge, leadership, and experience. She meets the needs of all students, and she demonstrates an innate talent to do the same with her colleagues. Besides her vast instructional knowledge, Colleen has a subtle but superhuman ability to create extraordinary teams by galvanizing the skills and passion of her colleagues. During the last two years, she and her 3rd grade team have created a Blended Learning model that is second-to-none. They have presented at several state conferences, and schools from all over North Carolina are visiting and trying to emulate their model. But most importantly, she and her team have generated a ridiculous 22.7% proficiency increase with Shady Brook’s 3rd Above all, her positive, solution-oriented approach is felt by all staff members, and she helps make Shady Brook a great place to teach and learn.



School Board Recognitions