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A.L. Brown Cheerleading Coach Wins Top State Honor

Brittney Speights

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has named A.L. Brown High School’s Brittney Speights as the top cheerleading coach in the state. Speights became the Wonders’ cheerleading coach three years ago. In that short time, she has transformed the squad, led it to a state championship, and taken it to national competitions. 


“Her leadership has been extraordinary,” says KCS Superintendent, Dr. Chip Buckwell. “In three short years, she has led the team to national competitions where they finished 8th and 4th in two categories for Medium Coed Division squads. She also has added boys to the cheerleading squad. Males had never been much a part of the cheer team over the last decades. Today, they are integral to the team’s success. Wonder Cheer is back at the highest standard, and Brittney Speights definitely deserves recognition as North Carolina’s top cheerleading coach.”


Brittney Speights says she never expected to receive the Coach of the Year award. “When they called my name, I really didn’t know what to say. I was in shock. I was honored, however, and I wanted to thank the people who have supported me as a teacher and a coach. The entire KCS staff and administration, school board, and community have given me unwavering support. I also wanted to thank my athletes, who I believe are the most important part in this. It’s because of their hard work and perseverance that we are able to find growth and success. They are the ones who have transformed this program into what it is today. I am just lucky enough to get a front row seat to watch them grow and succeed. I tell them every day, we either win or we learn. We still have a lot of growing and learning to do, and I am excited to see their success continue!”


Two of Speights’ graduates have gone on to make college cheer squads. In addition to coaching the A.L. Brown Cheerleaders, Speights serves as a Career Technical Education teacher at A.L. Brown.