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KCS Continues to Monitor The Situation

Our district continues to have daily discussions with Cabarrus Health Alliance and Rowan County Health Department officials, and we are continuing to adhere to updates and guidance provided by the State Health and Human Services Department and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Effective Thursday, March 12, 2020, all field trips for students and professional development trips for staff outside of Cabarrus and/or Rowan Counties are cancelled until further notice. In addition, all KCS-sponsored travel to areas where a state of emergency or known cases have been declared are cancelled for students and staff.  This will be modified as needed.

District leaders are having ongoing discussions about large-group gatherings and protocol for school closures, should there be a direct impact to our community.

We are reinforcing cleaning protocols and increasing the cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and surfaces.  We have talked with our supplier to ensure we are following their best product usage guidelines for sanitizing.

 Best practices for cleaning and staying healthy are being shared regularly with students and staff.  We are also making sure facilities are equipped with hand hygiene materials.

Absenteeism patterns are being monitored.  Families are encouraged to keep students home if they are sick.

All athletic events including games,workouts,practices,etc, will be suspended beginning midnight March 13th until Monday, April 6th.

In partnership with local and state agencies, our district is developing plans of action and continuing communication with employees and parents. We will share all information via this website, our social media pages, as well as through phone calls as needed.