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Schoolboard Recognition

You will not find a more thoughtful or compassionate teacher than Ms. Contreras. Her dedication to her students, her teammates, and her fellow Spanish teachers is evident in every decision she makes. When you step into her classroom you are immediately captivated by a sense of warmth and excitement as students engage in learning every moment of the day. Ms. Contreras delights in finding creative ways to hold the attention of her students and uses a variety of tools, strategies, visuals, and songs...and even a special pair of giant pink glasses.  Not only is Ms. Contreras an exceptional teacher in the classroom, but she is also an invaluable leader within the Fred L Wilson family through the many ways she supports her fellow international teachers as they transition into Kannapolis City Schools. Ms. Contreras’ co-teacher, Madison Hipp, says she could sing Ms. Contreras’ praises from sunrise to sunset, but her unwavering support, continuous hard work, and humble spirit are some of the qualities that she is most grateful for.  Ms. Contreras is an exceptional educator and a truly special person, and the Fred L Wilson family is so blessed to have her.