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KCS Board Recognizes FLW Faculty & Students

Congratulations!  Fred L Wilson's best!  We are very proud of your excellence and are honored that were recognized by the KCS Board of Education with a certificate of recognition.

Bryson embodies what we should all strive to be: kind, caring, courteous, and thoughtful.  He has a smile and kind word for everyone that he passes in the building.  Bryson is the first one to encourage his classmate when they are having a rough time. 

 Jayce is truly a student that thinks outside of the box and is very inventive. He is a deep thinker who asks really good questions and likes to come up with creative solutions.

Mrs. McCracken has an impeccable work ethic, both inside the classroom and as a mom. She is organized, thorough, and always the first to volunteer to help support students, teachers, and families.

Mrs. McElligot is highly respected at FLW for her dedication of wrap around support that she provides to our students.  For many of our students, Amy McElligott is often the first FLW staff person to greet them in the morning at their bus stop.  She safely transports them to school and then teaches them all day long.

You will not find a more thoughtful or compassionate teacher than Ms. Contreras. Her dedication to her students, her teammates, and her fellow Spanish teachers are evident in every decision she makes. When you step into her classroom you are immediately captivated by a sense of warmth and excitement as students engage in learning every moment of the day.