• Fred L Wilson Elementary is home to two KCS magnet programs: Global Studies and Spanish Language Immersion. The two programs are part of the highly successful Participate education program and work together to give students a strong global outlook and prepare them for success in an international economy. 

    Here are features of the Global Studies and Spanish Language Immersion programs:

    • Global Studies and Spanish Language Immersion programs offer high quality instruction in all subject areas including reading, math, science, and social studies

    • Participation has been shown to raise student success and reduce student achievement gaps

    • Classes are taught by current KCS teachers as well as teachers from the Visiting International Faculty Program

    • Students in our Spanish Language Immersion program will be immersed in instruction in both English and Spanish, which not only develops them as bilingual but also significantly strengthens their literacy and academic skills. Instruction is split equally between English and Spanish.

    • All students benefit from the Global Studies program. Each grade level is assigned a region of focus, and while our curriculum aligns with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, our teachers take these learning objectives and put a wonderful global spin on them.

    • The Global Studies program includes all Fred L Wilson students. 

    • The Spanish Language Immersion program is open to enrolling kindergarten students each year.  Limited slots are available for first grade students as well.

    • Space is limited in magnet programs. KCS accepts applications to fill available slots. If there are not enough spaces to accept all students that apply, KCS uses a lottery system to select students for its magnet programs. Transportation is offered for magnet programs.

    Why should I consider a Dual Language program?

    Learning another language builds cognitive skills students need to succeed.  Research shows students in bilingual environments have higher executive functions, empathy and reading comprehension levels.  Speaking another language also increases students’ ability to focus and prioritize tasks.

    The benefits of a bilingual brain from Participate Education