Summer Reading and Resources

  • We hope all students enjoy extra time with their family and friends, play outside, and spend time on their favorite activities outside of school during our summer intercessions. However we are always ready to suggest learning activities that can keep students' brains engaged as well!  Below are two helpful resources for summer learning opportunities at home:

    Advanced Learning Labs from NCDPI

    The NCDPI AIG department has created a page of Advanced Learning Labs across grades K-12. With each Advanced Learning Lab, students explore logic puzzles, go on field studies, engage in research explorations, participate in mindfulness activities and continue engaging with math and literacy. They are great options to engage and challenge your child at home. Some require internet and some do not. Scroll down farther on the page for other great resources for enrichment and extension!

    Kannapolis City Schools Summer Reading Resources

    Reading shouldn’t end when summer begins! Research clearly indicates that students who read beyond the school day, including summer break, gain multiple advantages compared to their peers who don’t take advantage of such opportunities. These findings are true across all grade levels. Summer reading can help prevent summer learning loss, often referred to as the “summer slide,” by providing students the opportunity to practice skills learned during the school year so they are not lost or forgotten over the summer months. Additionally, summer reading for pleasure has been found to boost achievement across subjects, expand students’ vocabulary, and enhance their overall confidence.

    Kannapolis City Schools recognizes these benefits and is committed to providing summer reading recommendations to promote student success. Beyond the academic benefits described above, the KCS Recommended Summer Reading Resources are also intended to foster our students’ love for reading, enhance their cultural perspectives, and reinforce critical literacy skills that will prove beneficial throughout their lives. Kannapolis City Schools further recognizes that choice can enhance engagement and motivation. Therefore, we have developed the above lists to help support and encourage our students to read for enjoyment and engagement. Teachers at each grade level have hand-picked high quality, well-liked books of various genres that are inclusive and reflect diverse characters and themes. We encourage you to use the information to check availability of some titles through the public library or the KCS digital resources.

    While there are no required assignments for summer reading, the popular selections in the document linked above can be used to supplement and enrich students’ learning and excite students about becoming lifelong readers. We invite you to share your summer reading experiences by posting/sharing on social media using the hashtag #KCSReads.