• KCS Connects is essentially our instructional plan for remote teaching and learning. While remote learning will still drive our instructional plan, and overall, the majority of instructional time will be spent remotely, the remote learning experience will be different than the spring. Like most districts across North Carolina, KCS believes we are in a better position to support the process and we know that attendance and grading requirements will drastically improve student participation and performance. Essentially, “everything counts--”attendance, participation, submission of assignments and grades. As the accountability has changed, so too, has the preparation. School districts have had much more time to plan. KCS can now provide a device for any student and we have improved our ability to help families with connectivity. We have streamlined our digital tools and ways to communicate virtually with families. We have also, and will continue to provide, more specific remote teaching training for our staff. Finally, although we understand and fully support families who choose the full remote option for their children, 2020-21 will also be different because of the opportunity for students to receive face-to-face instruction, in addition to remote instruction. We have worked to not only strengthen areas of full remote instruction but also to prepare for successfully serving students involved in a blended learning model.


    • All students will have access to a device
    • KCS may be able to help families with connectivity (hotspots for Wi-Fi access); please contact your school; we are also working with community partners on Wi-Fi access
    • Please submit a Technology Help Desk ticket for technical assistance
    • Please view this KCS Technology Basics video for important helpful information
    • KCS will be updating this web page with parent support videos for remote learning


    • KCS will continue to use numerous tools for communication:  Blackboard (Connect Ed. calls), this web page, Class Dojo, Canvas, SeeSaw, Showbie, Bloomz, phone calls, emails, Zoom video, Google Meets video, etc.  
    • Although a variety of communication methods will occur throughout the week (Monday-Thursday) for remote learners, KCS has designated Friday, from 10:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. as a more specific timeframe to connect with students and families
    • KCS teachers will primarily use the following Learning Management Systems to provide remote instruction:  K-2---SeeSaw; 3-5---Showbie; 6-12---Canvas
    • KCS will be updating this page with parent support videos for our LMS

Resources & Support

    • Most resource information can be found in our KCS Cares section of this web site
    • Please contact your school if you are in need of paper copies of remote learning materials
    • Please contact your school if you are in need of school supplies
    • Student support (social/emotional, counseling, EC, EL, AIG, etc.) information may be found either in KCS Cares or sections for those specific areas on this web site


    • Face-to-Face attendance is essentially the same as during normal school operations
    • Remote learning attendance: 1) WILL BE TAKEN DAILY 2) A student will be counted present if they complete an assessment/submit an assignment either online or offline and/or has a daily check-in, a two-way communication from their appropriate teacher

    Student/Family Guidance for 2020-2021


    • Much like a normal school year, “everything counts,” including attendance, grades (both ongoing and final)
    • More information on grading can be found in the Grading section of this web site

Participation & Time Expectations

  • Early Elementary (Kindergarten- 2nd Grade)

    • Up to 2 hours a day is spent on learning during remote days
      • Assignments will be posted on Seesaw
      • Teacher-assigned instruction in online platforms

    Upper Elementary (3rd-5th Grade)

    • Up to 3 hours a day is spent on learning during remote days
      • Assignments will be posted on Showbie
      • Teacher-assigned instruction in online platforms

    Middle School (6th-8th Grade) 

    • Up to 4 hours total daily for all courses
    • 30 minutes of daily learning activities per course
    • Includes 20-30 minutes of iReady online instruction (Reading or Math)
    • Students will submit assignments and give feedback through Canvas
    • More information can be found here

    High School (9th-12th Grade)

    • Up to 4 hours daily for all courses
    • 60 minutes of daily learning activities per course 
    • Students will submit assignments and give feedback through Canvas
    • More information can be found here

General Expectations/Recommendations

    • Be responsive - Please respond when your teacher or another KCS staff member reaches out to check on you.
    • Be respectful - Please follow the same guidelines with how you communicate with other staff members (and possibly students) during remote learning.
    • Be responsible - Use technology responsibly (whether your own or a device from KCS); be responsible with any instructional platform (for example, Dojo) or Learning Management System (for example, Canvas) that you are using; be responsible with your time and communication (including using virtual communication methods, such as Zoom, Google Meet...and even emailing) responsibly
    • Be yourself - Remote learning is relatively new for many of our students and staff.  If you need help, let us know...please do not think you are expected to be a master at this experience.  Ask for help.
    • Participate - We have provided details of the accountability and grading.  You must participate to receive feedback, grades and eventually course credit.  
    • Be proactive - Stay ahead as much as possible.  New material will be uploaded each week.  It is to your benefit to not fall behind on previously posted materials.
    • Set a schedule - Carve out time to work every day that you are able to do so.  Providing structure is important and will help you stay on schedule.  As much as you can, try to work during the KCS Connects times when teachers are readily available.  
    • Stay positive - Millions of students across the country are dealing with similar challenges.  We are in this together, but we care about each of you and hope you will recognize this as a partnership with your teacher.