• Dear KCS Families,COVID Info

    This week, elementary schools are continuing to communicate with families who are transitioning from fully remote instruction to fully face-to-face instruction as of November 2.  Any changes in classroom teachers will be communicated, as well.

    Preliminary Plan ‘A’ information for elementary students was posted on the district website last week.  This included a timeline of important upcoming dates.

    Today, a Plan ‘A’ protocol chart is being shared on the district website.  This will highlight plans and procedures that will remain the same as Plan ‘B’ and any adjustments to move into Plan ‘A’ in elementary schools for those in face-to-face instruction.

    October 30th is a teacher workday and a remote learning day for all students (part of the state academic calendar requirement for five (5) district-wide remote learning days).

    For the week of October 12 through October 18, KCS had 1 new confirmed positive case of COVID-19.  We are grateful for all of the hard work of our principals and staff as we reach the end of the first quarter.  They are #KCSEssential!


    Chip Buckwell

    Timeline of Important Dates

    Transitioning to Plan 'A' Chart