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    The school nurses are registered, public health school nurses employed by the Cabarrus Health Alliance. Through a contractual agreement, a school nurse is assigned to each traditional, public school for 7.5 hours per day following the teacher calendar.

    The Cabarrus Health Alliance School Health Program began a "nurse in every school" in 1999.  Since that time the School Nurse program in this county has become what school administrators want, teachers expect, students need, parents demand, and the community is accustomed to.

Benefits of the Program

    • Fewer children leave school before the end of the day due to medical reasons when a nurse is on campus
    • Parents can worry less about their children who have chronic illness when a school nurse is there
    • School nurses work to ensure that students are happy, healthy, in class, on task, and ready to learn
    • Schools with full-time nurses can help students with chronic illnesses better manage their disease and decrease time out of school
    • The work school nurses do contributes to healthier students and a safer school environment
    • When students manage their chronic illness it can have a positive impact on their success at school

Mass Health Screenings

  • Mass screenings, such as vision, lice, hearing, and dental are performed annually according to NC state recommendations. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please notify the school/school nurse. If there are concerns regarding a child’s screening results, you will be notified.

Mission Statement

  • Achieving the highest level of well-being, academic success and lifelong learning of students.

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