Home Education

  • There is no "one-size-fits-all" philosophy for home education. Parents select home education for a variety of reasons, and Kannapolis City Schools supports families that choose home schooling for their children. We believe that a strong partnership between home schools and public schools benefits everyone. That is why KCS provides a number of programs that help home school families living within the KCS district.

    Home Education Testing

    Kannapolis City Schools provides testing materials, proctoring, and convenient testing locations for any home school student who lives within the KCS district. According to North Carolina Home School Law, each home school in North Carolina must have a nationally standardized achievement test administered to every student each year. The test must involve the subject areas of English grammar, reading, spelling, and mathematics.

    Kannapolis City Schools’ testing sites are conveniently located for home school families, and KCS test administration prices are lower than commercial testing companies. Home school families may contact KCS to take a variety of standardized tests:

    • PSAT
    • SAT
    • ACT
    • Woodcock Johnson
    • Advance Placement exams
    • California Achievement Test
    • Iowa Test of Basic Skills
    • Terra Nova
    • NNAT
    • CoGat

    To schedule a testing session at a KCS location, please contact Kim Keesee.

    Dual Enrollment

    With the Dual Enrollment option, home school families may continue to educate their children at home while supplementing their children’s education with courses through Kannapolis City Schools. KCS offers online courses so students can remain at home while accessing a wide variety of classes. We offer dozens of online high school courses for home schooled students, including foreign languages, Advance Placement, computer science, and a host of other online options. Many of these online high school courses are open to home school students who are as young as seventh grade.

    We also give students the chance to take in-person courses while continuing to be home schooled. Below are just some of the opportunities available for home school students on KCS campuses:

  • Special Courses and Extra-Curricular Activities

    KCS makes options available that allow home school students to continue their at-home education and still enjoy the benefits of participating in band, theater, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Home school students who enroll in two courses per semester through Kannapolis City Schools are allowed to take part in special courses such as band, chorus, theater, art, dance, ROTC, and most extra-curricular activities. They also may be eligible to compete in sports by enrolling in three KCS courses per semester.