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Internship Opportunities

KCS views the internship as an integrative, structured learning experience that sets the foundation for future ethical practice and professional knowledge development. Interns are provided an opportunity to gain practical experience and develop competencies in an applied setting.

The KCS Psychology team strives to prepare the aspiring school psychologist to be a reflective practitioner and effective problem-solver in various areas of skill, practice, and application.This is accomplished through exposure to broad-based experiences that reflect the varied functions and services that the school psychologist provides to children, families, and school communities.

KCS understands the importance of a quality internship and has committed to annually hiring a third-year school psychology intern. Interns are typically paired with one to two schools, with consideration given to their areas of interest.  A cap is placed on the number of evaluations assigned to the interns throughout the year so that the intern is able to manage a variety of responsibilities and roles.

Interns will receive guidance and experience in working with students from a variety of different populations including; preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students, children with low incidence disabilities, Autism Spectrum disorder, and behavioral-emotional disabilities.

Internship Experiences

  • Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Counseling/interventions
  • MTSS 
  • Presentations/staff development
  • Development of professional resources

Organization of Intern Training Program

  • Orientation & transition to practice in the field
  • Assumption of major responsibility for 1-2 schools 
  • Opportunities for visits and rotations to special programs
  • Monthly school psychologist meetings and peer consultation
  • Professional Development designed by school psychologists
  • Individual supervision 2 hrs. weekly minimum

Applications for internship are completed through the Applitracks system which can be accessed on the KCS Human Resources website under Student Services: Apply Here

Applications are reviewed in December-January with interviews generally occurring from January to February for the upcoming school year. KCS intern positions are full-time positions and paid on a NC teacher salary schedule with full health benefits and twice/annual local supplement pay. Please reach out to for more information or if you have specific questions.