• Wonder Welding

    Housed in a workshop at the Career Center at A.L. Brown High School, students have a hands-on opportunity to learn a technical skill and graduate with a certificate and enter the work-force or continue on to secondary education.

    The lesson plans combine classroom time in a dedicated space in the workshop and projects that assess skills used in the welding trade. This allows students to use their hands and learn a trade—something a little different than the typical classroom work.

    Welding is in high-demand for our area because of the growth in home building and because of the plethora of race shops.

    The welding program is a part of the Career and College Promise program, a partnership initiative between NC community colleges and local high schools to provide students opportunities to earn college credit and work-place experience.



    WLD110 Cutting Processes
    WLD115 SMAW (Stick) Plate
    WLD116 SMAW (Stick) Plate/Pipe
    WLD121 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate
    WLD131 GTAW (TIG) Plate
    WLD141 Symbols and Specifications