• Career Development & Work-Based Learning

  • Career Exploration Platform: Major Clarity

    All KCS students have a Major Clarity account to assist with career exploration and planning. Each year, students will complete a personality assessment on the platform to update fit scores and careers of best fit.  Students will also review the Academic & Career Plan annually to communicate goals and plans for the future. The Major Clarity platform will also be utilized in other capacities throughout the year and is available to students after graduation for career development needs.

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  • Interested In Becoming a Work-Based Learning Partner?

    Is your organization or business interested in becoming a work-based learning partner? Complete the form to let use know how you can help our students grow!


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  • Work-Based Learning Partners

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  • Career Development Continuum

    The KCS Career Development Continuum provides a framework for preparing and growing students to be career ready individuals. 


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    Reach out to your Career Development Coordinator or your grade level counselor for more information.

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