Grading Information

  • All students will be receiving grades for both face to face and remote learning assignments throughout the year. Students will receive grades in Canvas, so parents should check Canvas for the most updated grades rather than PowerSchool this year. As in any normal school year, teachers will monitor student progress and provide feedback regularly, but grades will be in place, unlike last spring.

    • Students in Option 1 who attend school two days a week will receive feedback in person as well as virtually.
    • Students in Option 2 who are learning remotely all week will receive feedback from teachers virtually and have opportunities to connect synchronously with teachers on Friday for feedback.

    Learning teams will work to keep assignments and grading consistent across teams and will use face to face and Friday connect time to identify and overcome any potential obstacles that are impacting student ability to complete assignments and assessments. We are awaiting information from the state that would contain more specific grading guidance and information about potential state assessment. Any formal assessments conducted by the district or state will be communicated to families.

K-5 Grading

  • K-5 quarterly standards based grading will continue in KCS and report cards will be issued. Whether working remotely or face-to-face, teachers will provide instruction on quarterly standards and students will be completing lessons and assessments to demonstrate mastery on grade level content. Teacher feedback will be on-going throughout the quarter with reporting of progress on quarterly standards at the end of each quarter. Some changes have been made in curriculum pacing to adjust for launching fully remote learning.