KCS Cares
Ongoing commitment to meet the nutritional, social/emotional, and overall developmental needs of our students.
KCS Connects
Includes all of the instructional resources, learning opportunities, and technology resources for students and parents.
KCS Collaborates
Includes staff meetings, learning team meetings, professional development, instructional resources, etc. for staff members. Use PC credentials to login into website.

Connecting, Collaborating, Learning!

  • Our critical and continuous work while schools are closed will essentially be framed into three main categories:  KCS Cares, KCS Connects, and KCS Collaborates

    KCS Cares encompasses our ongoing commitment to meet the nutritional, social/emotional, and overall developmental needs of our students.  This includes our food services, “check-in” calls on students, positive messaging to students, assessment of any social/emotional support needed, special support for EL, EC, and AIG students, and various learning opportunities for social/emotional and character education.  Many resources on our new web page are geared toward KCS Cares. We appreciate the work of our Child Nutrition staff, bus drivers, teacher assistants, school psychologists, social workers, counselors, and many others, in helping us support our students’ needs. Finally, KCS Cares also involves our many, many community partners, agencies, faith-based supporters, etc., who give countless hours to our KCS community.  

    KCS Connects is essentially our remote learning plan.  This includes all of the instructional resources, learning opportunities, and technology resources on the web page. Central to KCS Connects is the structured time for teachers to “connect” with students and families.  Although some provisions may be made for parents to connect in the evening, teachers are required to use the times below, each week, to focus on “connecting.” During these times, teachers may provide direct instruction, review work that has been submitted, answer questions, provide feedback to students/parents, and call/email/video conference with students/parents to offer instructional support.  

    The KCS Connects times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9:00am to 11:00am & 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

    KCS Collaborates is time set aside for staff to work together, much like they would during normal operations.  This includes staff meetings, learning team meetings, professional development, etc. A large portion of this time will also be spent ensuring that new learning material is created for the following week.  KCS Collaborates time will be designated by each school around the recommended schedule of Wednesdays from  9:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Free Meals for Children

  • Kannapolis City Schools has established a "Grab & Go" student meal service during this mandated closure of schools. Beginning Monday, March 16th any KCS student can obtain free breakfast and lunch at one of our five lunch distribution sites. If you are unable to access either of these options for meals, please call the KCS helpline at 704-920-2222 for assistance.

Need Supplies?

  • Although we do not intend to put a burden on students/families with needing to purchase supplies during the closure of schools, we also want to ensure you have what you need to complete any of the learning opportunities. If you find that you are in need of an instructional supply (paper, notebook, pencils, pens, markers, tape, etc.), please contact your school/teacher. We will be glad to assist you and will make pick-up as easy as possible.

Need Technology Help?

  • Need help with your device? Need help with something involving remote learning? Complete this form in as much detail as possible to get help as soon as possible! Please note: We cannot troubleshoot your internet service. If you are having issues with your internet service please call the provider. We can assist with:

    • Resetting passwords for specific programs
    • Troubleshoot software issues
    • Address chromebook issues or problems