Purposity - Tool For Good

  • Kannapolis City Schools is launching a new partnership with Purposity. Purposity is an app that gets its name from combining the words purpose and generosity.

    The Purposity app connects users with one-to-one needs in their community, and the partnership between KCS and Purposity will help meet the needs of students in the district. Kannapolis City Schools’ Director of Student Services, Dr. Jessica Grant, says the new partnership is a wonderful way to help children. “Our staff does a great job of serving our students, but we can’t always meet all of their needs. Sometimes students need coats or shoes, and our clothing closets don’t have the right sizes. Other times, families lose their belongings in a fire, and we aren’t in a position to help as much as we would like. Purposity is a great way to fill in the gaps and help our students get the simple, but very important, resources they need.”

    The vision for Purposity is to inspire people to live generously. It does that by giving people outlets for lending a hand in the same way that Google connects people to information. The app has been dubbed, “Your Tool for Good.” It sends users a weekly notification about a need in their area. With just a few clicks, people can satisfy needs ranging from shoes and jackets for a KCS student to small household items for a family that lost their home in a fire. The app also allows them to see their impact. “We wanted to create a way for communities to connect and unite in a meaningful way,” said Purposity founder Blake Canterbury. “Our belief is that if you knew your neighbor needed help, you’d help.”

    Those who sign up receive an alert with a link to a story of an individual in need and can then choose to meet that need right on their phone. The requested item is in the hands of the organization in just a few days. It takes less than a minute and just a few clicks to make a difference for a fellow community member. 

    “This new partnership is exciting for many reasons,” says Dr. Jessica Grant. “Not only does it help our students get the resources they need but it also gives our families and community a way to put their generosity to good use. People want to help others but they don’t always know the best way to do that. Purposity gives them a simple, yet powerful, way to make a difference in our children’s lives.”


    • Download and install the Purposity app for iOS or Android
    • Open the Purposity app
    • Share your location or type in your zip code
    • Create an account
    • Scroll down to NC and set the default community to Charlotte
    • At the bottom of the next screen, click Organizations
    • Click on Kannapolis City Schools
    • Click Follow

    For more information and help, click here.