• KCS offers elementary families many options for school choice within our district. The Elementary School Choice program is for families that want their children to attend an elementary school outside of their assigned attendance zone. Schools eligible to be requested as part of Elementary School Choice are Forest Park, Jackson Park, Shady Brook, and Woodrow Wilson. Families that want their children to attend Fred L. Wilson or G.W. Carver must complete the Magnet Program Application Form (available beginning February 1, 2020).


    In order to apply for Elementary School Choice, parents must complete the Elementary School Choice Request Form by June 30th for the following school year. [Español] The form is available here or in each elementary school office. If approved, the elementary school transfer will be in effect for one school year only. With the Elementary School Choice option, KCS does not provide transportation or cover any other costs associated with students’ enrollment outside of their assigned school zones.


    KCS makes every effort to place students in the elementary school of the parents’ choice. However, in order to be transferred to a different school as part of Elementary School Choice, there must be room available at the desired school and enough open slots within the child’s grade level. KCS also considers other factors when making acceptance decisions, including students’ attendance, behavior, and academic effort.