Graduation Requirements

Graduation Decorum

  • Thank you for your presence as we honor and celebrate this year’s graduating class of A.L. Brown High School. We are proud to have you as our guests and you should be extremely proud of your graduate’s accomplishment.

    We are very pleased to have a graduating class of well over 300 students. Because every graduate is just as important as the next, and because high school graduation must be regarded as a formal ceremony, we wanted to remind you of a few special conditions to maintain proper decorum:

    • No latex baloons allowed
    • Seniors, Do not alter your cap and gown
    • Absolutely no excessive noise will be tolerated during the ceremony. This includes cell phones or other electronic devices, and any other noise-makers. This will be strictly enforced for the duration of the ceremony. Horns, bells and other noise- making devices are prohibited. Further, nothing will be permitted in the ceremony that will obstruct the view of others (including balloons, signs, or banners)
    • While we welcome small children, it is very important that the dignity of the ceremony be maintained and all speakers be heard. In the unfortunate event that this cannot be followed, you may be asked to leave the ceremony
    • We believe every name should be heard when the graduates are called. Please remain quiet during this time. We want to respect each graduate and their guests by ensuring that their name is heard. We also will respect the decorum required of a high school graduation. Therefore, any guest or graduating senior that shouts names, cheers, or otherwise interrupts the ceremony after a name is called, will be required to leave the ceremony. This will be strictly enforced by KCS staff and the Kannapolis Police Department

Graduation Attire

  • Ladies

    Any color dress OR blouse and skirt (must be to the top of the knee or longer, but must not hang longer than the bottom of the graduation gown)

    OR ladies may choose to wear a blouse and black or dark blue dress slacks

    Shoes should not have a heel higher than 2 inches. This is for your safety, as you will march down the hill into the stadium and out onto the grass. You will exit up the concrete stairs in the home side stadium seating. All of this will be difficult in high heels. No athletic shoes. Shoes must be a neutral color (white, tan, black, dark blue, dark brown).


    Black or dark blue dress pants, white dress shirt, dark colored tie (regular or bow), black or dark brown dress shoes and dress socks. No athletic shoes.