Report Cards

  • The primary goal of grading and reporting is communication. When used well, it provides vital information to students, parents and teachers that can be used to enhance both teaching and learning. KCS believes that the purpose of grading is to communicate student progress to parents and students in a way that is accurate, consistent, and effective.

    Standards based grading.

    Classroom teachers provide regular updates about your child's academic progress through progress reports and quarterly (9 weeks) report cards.  Refer to the Jackson Park calendar for progress report and report card dates. In addition, at least once a year you will be invited to a parent/teacher conference to discuss your child's progress.  Your child's teacher will reach out to schedule this conference, usually taking place in October. 

    Jackson Park Elementary also has a school-wide report card that highlights our school's achievements through the North Carolina Report Card. This report card includes important information about school and student performance, class sizes, attendance, school safety, instructional resources, and teacher quality. There is also information about how Jackson Park measured against the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets. Our school’s full report card can be found on the NC School Report Cards’ Web site. 

    These School Report Cards are provided for regular public schools, charter schools, and alternative schools. Report data is also available for Kannapolis City Schools and for North Carolina’s education system as a whole.

    The numbers on the report card only tell part of the story. At Jackson Park we provide many programs and activities to assist our families and students.