What is Content By Demonstrated Mastery?

  • Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) is an option that allows students to obtain high school course credit for standard level courses (honors level and AP level courses are excluded) in North Carolina. CDM is the process by which a local school system shall, based upon a body-of-evidence, award a student credit in a particular high school course without requiring the student to complete classroom instruction.

    To earn credit for a high school course and by-pass the seat time requirements, students shall demonstrate mastery for the course through a two-phase process:

Phase One

  • Standard Examination

    Students must score a level 5 on the EOC Exam for the course:

                Math I >264

                English II >165

                Biology >261

                NCFE Assessment - 90% or better

                CTE Post Assessment – 90% or better

                Non-EOC/CTE Assessment – 90% or better

Phase Two

  • Artifact Completion

    Students must complete an artifact to demonstrate their deep understanding of the content standards for the course.

    * Artifacts may include, but are not limited to:

                   - Three-dimensional assignments

                   - Paper-based assignments

                   - Electronic assignments

                   - Oral interviews

Other Considerations

  • Each student has individual needs and situations, so please take time to discuss the CDM process with your student's counselor as you move through the Credit by Demonstrated Mastery Process.  Students and families interested in completing the CDM Process in Kannapolis City Schools should also review the following documents for guidance:

    1. CDM Process Chart  

    2. FAQ document 

    3. High School Endorsement Requirements (per North Carolina)

    4. CDM Student-Parent Agreement Form [must be completed and turned into the district during the state acceptance windows]

                              **Current state window: July 18-31, 2019