• Individualized Credit Renewal of Educational License
    Under educational license renewal guidelines, educators may arrange to earn license renewal credit on an individualized basis. In Kannapolis City, the procedure to be followed has two stages: (1) a proposal for an individualized credit activity and (2) a follow‑up evaluation or final report of the work done.

    Prior Approval for Travel Form
    Within 2 weeks of returning from the workshop, please complete a travel reimbursement form for your expenses.

    Prior Approval Request for Renewal Credit
    To be submitted to your Immediate Supervisor at least one month prior to beginning activity.

    Professional Development Evaluation
    To be completed after an outside professional development workshop and submitted with proof of attendance (i.e. certificate).

    Staff Development Activity Log
    This form is to be used for documentation of activities for Staff Development when the individual activity is less than ten hours, but can be combined with other relevant activities within the same content area. A paper copy can be downloaded by clicking here.  A digital copy can be downloaded here

    Outside CEU Request in TimeKeeper
    To request CEUs for outside professional learning, you can also submit your certificates and/or Staff Development Activity Log directly in TimeKeeper. Please watch the linked video for full instructions.