School Registration

  • North Carolina Public Schools offer a free public education to children in grades Kindergarten through twelve. Parents who wish to enroll in Kannapolis City Schools should visit the school office where their child is assigned. If you have questions about your child's school assignment, please call 704-938-1131 and ask for the Student Services Department. A Parent or Legal guardian must accompany a child in order to register for school. If the legal guardian is someone other than a biological parent, a form of legal documentation for guardianship is required. Below is the information that will be needed in order to register your child for school.

Information Needed At The Time Of Enrollment

    • Proof of Residence (one or more of the following)
      • Current utility bill
      • Social Services financial assistance documentation
      • Current lease agreement
      • Current rental receipt
      • Current contractor agreement for a primary residence with verification of a utility bill to follow
    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Current Physical Exam (must be on a blue state kindergarten health assessment form)
    • Immunization Record