• Can I remain a home school student and still take part in music or sports?

    Yes. Home school students who enroll in two courses per semester through Kannapolis City Schools are allowed to take part in special courses such as band, chorus, theater, art, dance, ROTC, or non-sports extra-curricular activities. According to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA), home school students are eligible to compete in sports by enrolling in at least three courses per semester. 

    Can my child remain home schooled and still earn a diploma from A.L. Brown High School?

    Yes. Any home school student that meets NC graduation requirements and successfully completes at least two KCS courses per semester (either online or in-person) may receive a diploma from A.L. Brown High School.

    Are there educational opportunities through Kannapolis City Schools for my elementary-aged home school children?

    Yes. Kannapolis City Schools can make courses available to elementary-aged home school students. Possible classes include music, art, physical education, and other subjects. We can customize opportunities for home school students based on individual needs. For more information, please contact Kim Keesee.

    What services are available from Kannapolis City Schools for Home School students?

    Kannapolis City Schools offers services and resources to Home School students—even if they do not enroll in any online or in-person KCS courses. For example, KCS makes testing services available to home school students and can provide home school students with some usage of KCS facilities upon request.

    What courses are available for Home School students through KCS?

    KCS makes a wide variety of courses available to home school students. Course offerings can be customized based on home school students’ needs and interests. For a complete list, please contact Kim Keesee.