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    Finance Department Frequently Asked Questions



    When will I receive my reimbursement?

    Once all approvals have been received in the Finance Department, the funds are requested for the reimbursements. For local funds, payment is generally made two to three days after receiving the form. For state and federal funds, payment will be made the same day funds are allocated to Kannapolis City Schools from DPI. This is usually three to seven days after the money is requested.

    What days are included on my paycheck?

    • Teachers are paid two weeks ahead and there are 21.5 days in the pay period.
    • Hourly staff are paid by the payroll schedule, please see the payroll dates schedule.
    • 12 month salaried staff are paid the number of days in the month.

    Why can we not have two payrolls?

    • The payroll department does not have enough staff members to run two payrolls.
    • Funds cannot be ordered from DPI in time to cover two payrolls.

    When is the pay date and will the direct deposit be in my bank?

    The pay date is the last working day of the month. Direct deposit funds go in the bank on midnight the day before pay day.