• CTE Internships & Pre-Apprenticeships

  • The Career and Technical Education Department is proud to provide internship & pre-apprenticeship opportunities for KCS CTE students.  Internships & pre-apprenticeships provide valuable experience and training for students.  We have partnered with local companies and organizations in the county to allow KCS students to learn from knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Students have a unique opportunity to earn high school credit while working on the job to prepare them for post-secondary and career aspirations. 

  • Current CTE Internship Opportunities

    Current and existing internship opportunities are listed below. Students should submit an application of interest through Major Clarity to learn more about each opportunity.  Students should also reach out to Ms. Miranda Farmer, Career Development Coordinator, for more information about CTE internships or locating their own job site to complete an internship.

    Ketchie Precision Machining Solutions

    Modern Impressions  

    YMCA Marketing & Social Media  

    Create Your Own Internship      

    Internship Requirements

    The KCS CTE Internship Handbook should be reviewed for a comprehensive review of internship requirements and expectations. Below are general requirements for each CTE Internship. 

    • Students will earn 1 credit for the internship
    • Students must complete a minimum of 120 contact hours (~10 hours per week)
    • Students will complete weekly journal entries
    • Students will complete a weekly time log
    • Students will complete an electronic exit portfolio/summary of experience
    • Students will maintain communication with Career Development Coordinator and the job site
    • Students are preferred to have completed 1 CTE course in the pathway of the desired internship before internship placement

  • Current Pre-Apprenticeship Opportunities

    We currently have a pre-apprenticeship agreement with Wayne Brothers Companies, Inc. Through the pre-apprenticeship program students participate in coursework and learn hands on skills through observation, application and practice with a Wayne Brothers training instructor. Students meet on site with an instructor Monday through Wednesday, 7:45AM-10:15AM.  On Thursdays, students meet at A.L. Brown to participate and grow employability and soft skills necessary for success on the job. This program takes place SENIOR year, SPRING semester. Interested students should reach out to Miranda Farmer, Career Development Coordinator, if interested in this opportunity. 

    Wayne Brothers Student Information        

  • Contact us

    Reach out to your Career Development Coordinator or your grade level counselor for more information.

    Miranda Farmer

    Career Development Coordinator


    Meet with me

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