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  • DRESS CODE: When your child's cohort is on campus for in-person learning they must follow the student dress code. KCS has updated its student dress code. Revisions to the dress code do not require any new clothing items. Items of clothing that met the dress code last year will continue to meet the dress code this year, but options have been expanded. 


    BEFORE SCHOOL CARE: Before School Care offerings will be available for parents when their K-5 student's cohort is on campus.  Information will be made available through your child's elementary school. 


    SHARING ITEMS: Item sharing will be extremely limited. If sharing is necessary, objects must be sanitized between students. No objects brought from home should be shared between students. 


    BATHROOM PRACTICES: Each school will have established procedures for bathroom use that will vary by grade level. Hand sanitizer will be used after returning to the classroom.


    WATER FOUNTAINS: Students will be able to use water fountains to fill personal water containers. Students will not be permitted to drink directly from water fountains.


    LUNCH: Each school will have established procedures for eating meals, some in the classroom and some in the cafeteria. If students do eat in the cafeteria, social distancing measures will be implemented. There will be no snack sales. 

    - On in-person days, meals will be served in the classroom for most grade levels.

    - All meals will be pre-packaged consisting of an entree, bread, fruit, vegetable, and milk.

    - Students may bring their own lunch from home.

    - No snacks will be sold to students in an effort to eliminate the exchange of money and minimize contact.


    GRAB-N-GO MEALS: On days that students are learning remotely/virtually, School Nutrition will o􀀁er curbside meals, both breakfast and lunch, Monday-Friday, from 12-1 pm at all KCS schools.  Parents should plan to pick up meals where their student attends. Meals can only be picked up for students who are learning virtually/remotely that day. If parents have multiple children at different KCS schools, parents can pick up meals at any one of the schools their children attend. Students with special diets and/or food allergies should call the cafeteria manager ahead of time to ensure the meal is prepared and ready for pickup.


    PLAYGROUNDS: All playgrounds/recess equipment is closed until further notice. Students will still be given the opportunity to engage in recess using appropriate social distancing.


    FIELD TRIPS: Field trips will not take place under Plan B.